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  1. I am american citizen and my mom is a green card holder. We would like to bring my sister who is 32 years old. What process would take shorter, if I apply or my mom applies if that is even possible?
  2. There are some tiktoks going around about a parole to reunite families. It says that if there is a petition that has been approved, you can apply to this parole and the person you applied for can come to the country and wait for the process to be finalized here. What do you guys know about it? I have been wanting to apply for my sister but the process is soooo long that I don't know if it is even good the trying. According to this is only for a few countries not for all of them.
  3. Thanks for you answer. I know when I apply to renew her green card they are going to ask her how many days she was out of the country on those to years. I cna't find the link to make sure you doesn't stay more than the time she is supposed to be .
  4. Good morning, my mom got here at the end of february and she would like to go to visit Colombia for the summer. We haven't gotten her greencard yet. Still waiting for it. Can she go with the stamp in her passport? Or she needs the greencard? If she does how many days can she be out of the country? She is in the two year green card. Thanks in advance.
  5. A quick question. My mom has her interview at the end of January. For the NVC I downloaded the tax transcripts from the IRS page. Will they work for the interview as well? Thanks in advance.
  6. I was asking myself the same question since my mom has her interview at the end of January. All I am adding is my last pay statements and maybe a copy of my contract.
  7. Thanks so much for all the answers. I have been anxious trying to get everything ready for her interview. I have one last question if anybody can help me please. When I submitted the tax transcripts to the NVC, I downloaded them from the IRS page. Are they good to take to the interview? would they be considered originals or just copies? Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes, I am the petitioner. I am trying to bring my mom as a resident. I don't remeber the type of visa.
  9. Thanks a lot. I was thinking about the last pay stubs as well. It is a CR1 visa. In the notice of the interview they sent me a link but it didn't say specifically what to bring about the financial documents. I am just resending what I had put in at the NVC step.
  10. Good evening, I am trying to collect the documents for my mom's interview. In the list of requirments, it says evidence. What kind of evidence can she bring? I am going to print some family pictures but what else can she bring? I don't have many records of messages because we mostly talk on face time. Thanks in advance. Other question. Her interview is on January 31st, about the prove of income, I don't think we are going to have the new W2s or IRS transcripts at the time of the interview, so pay stuffs are enoug? Thanks again
  11. I sent my papers to the NVC, the I-864 and I-864A. I wasn't sure about if I could sent digital signatures or they needed to be by hand. So I sent digital signatures for both documents. I didn't just pick a signature the computer gave me. I signed with my finger on my MAC. Surprisingly, my I-864 was accepted but my I-864A was rejected 😪. When I submitted the documents, I was more worried about them not being able to open the documents than the digital signatures. My advice to be on the safe side: send original signatures. It might not apply for everybody but it did for me. Now let's hope they don't take 2 more months 🙏
  12. Hello everyone. I got answer from the NVC today and they rejected my I-864A because I did digital signatures. 😒 The funny part is that I sent my I-864 with digital signatures too but they accepted that one. Now, I have to sent the form again and wait for like two more months 🙁.
  13. I submitted it the papers to the NVC. Hopefully it would go faster this time. Don't lose hope 🙏
  14. Thanks for all your answers. I showed them to her. She said the accountant gave her a paper hopefully that works.
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