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  1. After filing the application for my mom, I just got the first Notice. Do we have to wait for a visa number to be available for parents? I thought that was only for brothers.
  2. I just filed for my mom. Did you guys upload more evidence than the birth certificate? Idk, for my past cases I added so many documents that I feel I didn't put enough in this one 🙁
  3. Thanks for all the responses. I am going to submit the application this Friday and I hope it goes well.
  4. I am following this topic. I am about to apply for my mom and I don't know if I should wait or just send the application to at least get started.
  5. Does this order include parents and family members? so is there a point on applying right now or Should I just wait?
  6. Thanks. I am only applying for my mom. Do you know how long the process for parents is taking?
  7. Isi it necessary to provide secondary evidence or with the birth certificate is enough? I only have the birth certificate.
  8. I remember all the exact addresses I have lived in the past 5 years but not the exact months. I had to answer to the same question on my application for naturalization. I just wonder if they compared applications because all I can give is estimates.
  9. I just started filling the application online. Where it asks me about the places I have lived in the past 5 years, I don't remember the exact dates because I have moved a lot. Is there a problem if the dates are not the exact same as when I filled my past applications? Also Can I translate my own birth certificate? The guides are confusing. I found more help when I was doing the process for myself than now trying to apply for my mom.
  10. Hello to everyone, I just became a citizen and I want to bring my mom. I am lost in this process. I just started the application online but I need guidance through this process. I used Visa Journey for my own process and I would like your help on bringing my mom. Thanks in advance.
  11. I won’t be back until July 9th... Can I walk in after I come back?
  12. LIN, I also got my bio-metrics letter. My appointment is for July 2nd. I am leaving for Colombia tomorrow. I tried calling today to reschedule but they said the people I was supposed to wasn't available. I am mailing back the letter for the appointment with a request. What else can I do? I don't want they to say that I abandoned my case when I have been waiting for this for so long.
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