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  1. And you still are waiting for an interview? Crazy! Why is that even allowed. What would you do if you are traveling outside the country?
  2. MSC is awol on everyone....may need to send a search party or something to check on them. Like many Filed April 2021, Ready for interview on Dec 2021. Nothing since......ahh that joys of the USCIS.
  3. Sad that many of us continue to wait on the interview to be scheduled. We are planning to visit the Phillippines in April 2022 for our mothers retirement and birthday party. Not sure what to should be done if the interview goes past April of next year. Been ready to schedule since December 2021.
  4. Been over a year now, been ready for interview since December 2021. My thinking is maybe should apply for citizenship now since I believe I am in that window now. 3 years + married, 3 years in the USA (June 24).
  5. Wouldn't the child be added as a dependent/beneficiary on the same application?
  6. Awesome that was my thinking, but they were worried there would be a problem. Thanks for the quick answer :).
  7. Asking for a female friend who has a 5 year old child whose real father is not listed on the birth certificate. She was married to a US citizen recently and the step father would like to bring both of them over to the USA. Is there anything special they would need to do before filing I130? Affidavit from the step father, etc??
  8. I have a friend who has a 5 year old whose real father is not listed on the birth certificate. The now step father is a US citizen would like to bring his wife and step child over. 1. Would the US Step Father have to have an affidavit acknowledging the child? 2. Would USCIS question why the child's real father is not on the the birth certificate. 3. Any advice?
  9. How long does it take to schedule an interview? Been ready to schedule since December 22, 2021 (MSC). I believe we will be eligiable to file for citizenship after March 24 as June 24 would be the 3 year GC window.
  10. My dream scenario would be that even though my wife's interview is ready to be scheduled since December 22, that they will decide to approve the case and produce the green card.....ahh one can dream to not have an interview hehe. Would be nice so no work is missed and the kids would not have to have a baby sitter.
  11. Just noticed: As of December 23, 2021, our case is ready for interview. Now waiting for the letter with the scheduled interview. We are out of MSC.
  12. Thanks for the infrmation. Will share with them the information provided including the online marriage option. Will see what direction they go
  13. So they can get the legal capacity to marry from the locality they will be married in ( I assume they write their own letters?)?That is good news for them. Marriage license can take a week I believe.
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