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  1. Too be honest it was quite cheap (American Standards). We only spent around 30k+ PHP with about 70 guest. We had a nice meal selection at a events location. Back in the states, the cost of the wedding was abou the same because we had church family that really helped us.
  2. While you will not be able to legally have a wedding in both places, espeically if you are wanting to do the K-1. CR-1 takes much longer than the K-1. Anyway, what my late wife and I did in 2015 was that we had what we called a pre-wedding. We did everything like a wedding, but did not sign any papers. We had vows, but we did not say the I Do, exchange rings or anything like that. It was a great and worthy experience and for me, was way better than the actual wedding in the USA with the actual signage, etc.
  3. Also why the medical system will always be poor in the Philippines. There seems to be a lot of malpractice there and if you sue the hospital, they will in turn sue you for libel. Which is crazy because the life of a person is vital. I was a victim of malpractice in the Philippines with the death of my wife prematurely. I also have another friend who lost her husband after just two months being married because the doctors decided it was better to send a potential head injury home than to get a ct scan of the brain. Anyway...other than that love the Philippines.
  4. That was the way with me. I was told to sit down. But then the officer wanted to ask me a few questions, so I went up then. I sat down in the seats provided in plain view of the wife. Maybe like 3 minutes later I was called up to answer a few questions. Good experience also.
  5. Couldn't you make a certified true typed out copy and submit it with the original with a letter to explain the two copies?
  6. The POE was Washington D.C. Before leaving Manila, I learned at immigration that they required proof of my daughter's dual citizenship, especially since American passport BB Visa expired last February 2018. I am glad we got her Filipino passport. After that, it was smooth in Manila. Beijing is very strict and when you go through there you feel like they are against you. But we were able to make it through after several re-screenings (they did not like the projector, the separate bottle water that was not in the baby bottle, and the power bank). The POE was a breeze. Took about 30 minutes. The first officer was nice, then he placed the passport in the red container and called another officer to take us tot he secondary holding place. The second officer then question my wife privately asking her if she loved me and what the address in the USA was. After that, we were released to get our bags. Then we got our massive amount of bags.
  7. Update: They do have a baggage claim area at Terminal 1. It is located at the baggage carousel when you pick up your bags after your flight. Price is 200 php per bag.
  8. I did pay the ELIS fee about a month ago. I assume we do not need a copy of that receipt correct? Happy for the break for sure. Though will be missing the Philippines. Have really enjoyed my 2.5 years here. But also eager to start new in USA.
  9. What was also interesting about my wife's interview versus the others is that hers only took 5 min. With one doc requested. While the others took almost an hour with multiple docs being asked (according to the wife). My thinking it has to do with confidence and being believable. Of course a little favor from above goes a long ways as well. Will update the POE account once we are in the USA on Monday.
  10. Too be honest, I am not sure if it will be a big deal or not. Perhaps he will get through just fine. However, perhaps going back to the Embassy to have it redone with the correct birthday would be a good idea. Or maybe someone on the main boards would have a better answer for you.
  11. Perhaps someone knows better than me, but I don't think the visa would be affected because it has yet to be issued. Could be wrong of course. The Medical do over and police record do over seems to be due to time. The medical would have expired already and perhaps the police report was too old. But AP for 10 months is just crazy. Never heard of that.
  12. Wonder if the medical guidelines are being followed properly by the medical facility? Seems odd to make a medical do over without a just cause. If the visa is not issue, it won't expire (visa that is). Though he has one year to comply with interview I think. But not sure how that applies to medical. Medical expires in 6 months. Would have to renew after 6 months.
  13. I wasn't scammed. But this sounds so familiar to a woman who scammed people in Davao City as a travel agency. She ended up disabling her FB account and moved. No one knows where she went. She also would fraudulently use stolen credit cards, while collecting cash from unsuspecting people.
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