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  1. I did pay the ELIS fee about a month ago. I assume we do not need a copy of that receipt correct? Happy for the break for sure. Though will be missing the Philippines. Have really enjoyed my 2.5 years here. But also eager to start new in USA.
  2. What was also interesting about my wife's interview versus the others is that hers only took 5 min. With one doc requested. While the others took almost an hour with multiple docs being asked (according to the wife). My thinking it has to do with confidence and being believable. Of course a little favor from above goes a long ways as well. Will update the POE account once we are in the USA on Monday.
  3. Too be honest, I am not sure if it will be a big deal or not. Perhaps he will get through just fine. However, perhaps going back to the Embassy to have it redone with the correct birthday would be a good idea. Or maybe someone on the main boards would have a better answer for you.
  4. Perhaps someone knows better than me, but I don't think the visa would be affected because it has yet to be issued. Could be wrong of course. The Medical do over and police record do over seems to be due to time. The medical would have expired already and perhaps the police report was too old. But AP for 10 months is just crazy. Never heard of that.
  5. Wonder if the medical guidelines are being followed properly by the medical facility? Seems odd to make a medical do over without a just cause. If the visa is not issue, it won't expire (visa that is). Though he has one year to comply with interview I think. But not sure how that applies to medical. Medical expires in 6 months. Would have to renew after 6 months.
  6. I wasn't scammed. But this sounds so familiar to a woman who scammed people in Davao City as a travel agency. She ended up disabling her FB account and moved. No one knows where she went. She also would fraudulently use stolen credit cards, while collecting cash from unsuspecting people.
  7. I would call them and politely ask them the reason. I did that before and it clarified their explanation.
  8. You are welcome Hank . It seems like a nice option if they are available. You have to inquire at least 2 weeks ahead of time, but it seems if you wait that long they will be booked. Will remember them the next time for sure. Also what is nice about the luggage and hotel is they are easily accessible and does not require a flight ticket to get back in, or at least at terminal 3 that is.
  9. The companies website http://jipang-group.com/thewings/
  10. https://www.agoda.com/the-wings-naia-3-transit-lounge/hotel/manila-ph.html?pcs=1&cid=1795396&hid=1164722&tag=NAIA&checkin=2019-06-23&adults=2&childs=1&rooms=1&childages=2&los=1 Called "The Wings NAIA Transit Lounge".
  11. Does not effect future I-130 petitions. Only effects the DCF option. Nothing else will be effected. Embassy and Consulate will still be there performing their duties.
  12. after phone numbers not working for whatever reason (been happening a lot lately, perhaps the new system is not working yet), was able to chat with NAIA (Messenger). So the only public spot for luggage storage is Terminal 3 at Luggage & More in the arrival section of the terminal. Luggage & More charges by the piece (contacted them via Messenger) 350 php per day or 200 php per 3 hours. They are open 24 hours There is a hotel located in Terminal 3, but it is small, like 34 beds. You can take the Loop bus shuttle for 20 php if no connecting flight but need to transfer to a different terminal for a later flight. Shuttle is free if you have a connecting flight. For those wondering and thinking of using the services in the future.
  13. Yes they do. It is why we followed your website and the CFO site for guidance. You have a good site that many should follow. I followed it twice already as you know, for the k-1 with my late wife and my current wife on the spouse. You learn so much from the experience, but most of you learn patience. The only document they requested was our marriage contract and the photos of our wedding day. Other than that nothing else was asked beyond what was the initial requirement.
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