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  1. No way I'd be able to afford flights back to back like that.
  2. Damn. January 2021 for us. Kinda bummed since we are planning a long trip to the DR from Christmas through most of January. Ugh. Would suck to get down there, and have to cut our time short for this. LOL
  3. Filed N400 for the wife late February, but Biometrics in March. I am joining you guys in this thread.
  4. I may find myself in this same situation as the OP soon. I have friends who got their citizenship and their parents had 0 problems getting into the US on a tourist visa. All they had to do was say if they wanted to stay in the USA, they'd take a legal path in, since it was available to them. They just got the OK at that point with pretty much no interview. Dominican Republic embassy, which is a tough one to get visa's from.
  5. How are people filing the N400 before receiving the 10 year Green Card? Am I understanding this correctly: Wife had 2 year Green Card, that expired. Received Extension letter for one year, now expired, but Green card in the mail for delivery today. That's 3 years right? Does that mean she can immediately file N400 since she's been here 3 years as a GC holder?
  6. Oof. I haven't posted here in a long time, and plan to update my timeline later. I have a case number of EAC180445XXXX, filed November 29, and my wife was approved January 31. It was hilarous because we called to make an infopass appointment to get her passport stamped and they guy on the phone was like "well you can't get an appointment because your case was approved yesterday..." Her letter had expired only 2 days before we called. We were excited and sort of disappointed that we found out from the phone and not a message LOL. Either way, her card was shipped and should be here tomorrow. We already received the "congratulations" letter. I am so grateful for this website!
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