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  1. We were asked for one. Either way according to the site you posted it said that if you didn't have a SSN Number then you could obtain a letter from the nearest SSO. Why not just apply for the card while your there.
  2. AmerFila


    Yes, you are allowed. I filled it out for my wife.
  3. What airport she leaves is not an issue. Unless its changed she will have some fees to pay for leaving though.
  4. Most of the time you will need a SSN card to get a marriage license. I am not sure if this is different in other states but it is true here. You don't lose you right to apply for a SSN after you get married but you will have restrictions on it if you do not have a work permit. Be sure to file for your work permit and removal of conditions along with your adjustment of status so that you wont have to pay for them all separately. this will save you some money.
  5. If you are at the point of interview then i would think your tax forms are irrelevant. If you want them for the interview to be safe then he should be able to send you copies of what he sent in.
  6. I asked the same question when our Visa was approved. One way is fine.
  7. Your assumption of the divorce in the US is correct provided that she was married to a citizen of the US. My wife was in a similar situation when we decided we wanted to file. My wife was married to an American who also just stopped communicating with her and abandoned her. After multiple attempts she able to get in contact with him again and they started to converse about a divorce. He wanted her to sign papers for an annulment because he thought it would be cheaper for him. I consulted an immigration attorney and was told that the US divorce was the best rout to take. Even if the Philippines didn't recognize the divorce the US would and that was all that mattered for now. I then looked up the forms in the US she needed to file for the county he lived in and sent them to her. She sent them to her ex to fill out and file. (He had to be the one to file because at the time if the filipina filed it would not be recognized. I have heard that there was some change to the law but if I were you I would research it first.) They got their divorce and i requested a couple of copies (one for her records and one for our K-1 Packet). She is here in the US with me now. She has been here in the US for about 5 years and is still on the books as being married in the Philippines to her ex. We have to file to have the divorce recognized in the Philippines (which is another process). According to the Philippine family code that any divorce awarded to a foreigner that gives them freedom from the marriage then that divorce will also be recognized in the Philippines. I know this is long but i hope it helps.
  8. Be aware that if your fiance is suspect for TB, you will need to reschedule your interview. They will need to complete their course of antibiotics and be cleared before the interview. Just a word of warning.
  9. You can also try calling the NVC and request a status. They will give you the MNL# over the phone and let you know if it has been sent to the embassy in Manila. You will need a lot of patience for this method though. I called every night for over a week trying to get through. They are open until midnight east coast time. I usually started calling about 30 min - 1 hr before closing. When I finally got through, they gave me all the information i needed and told me our packet was sent by diplomatic pouch. I had the medical exam and interview scheduled before I had the NOA2. I believe the number is 603-334-0700. Good Luck.
  10. Go to a internet cafe and have them scanned and send through email.
  11. I had my wife's Visa sent to a 2GO office in her city. They called her when it arrived and she picked it up. I would recommend she call them first to confirm this as an option.
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