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  1. We filed March 1, 2021 and we got approval 2 days ago for my step son. U should call and inquire why it's taking so long.
  2. No I wrote them and explained the sponsors are a moot point since she will be a citizen when she gets here and her father makes way more than enough for a family of three. They sent it to a supervisor and was taken care of right away.
  3. Finally, the journey is over for our baby girl!!! Her visa status changed to issued tonight!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! We will be heading down soon to get her to bring her home. Thank you all for supporting us on thing longggggggggg journey!!!!!! Much blessings to all!!!!
  4. Just checked my baby girls visa status and it shows issued!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Thank you all for this past years support!!! We will be heading out soon to get her and bring her home!!!!
  5. Who knows why they are asking for a joint sponsor. They are insane!!! No my husband has never sponsored anyone. I provided them with the W2 and the 1040 already and they are still asking for the transcripts. Can't give them what doesn't exist!!! I just can't with them any longer. I'm waiting for a reply from an email I sent this morning. I will send a joint sponsor for the hell of it and resend the W2 and 1040 explaining in red ink the transcript doesn't exist. Maybe it will sink in then.
  6. Well, as usual, there is another issue with my daughter's interview Now they are saying we need a co-sponsor. My husband made over $42,000 last year which is well above the $27,000+ for a family of 3. They are wanting 2019 transcripts which don't exist because the IRS hasn't finished our taxes for this year. To top it all off, all of this is moot because my husband is now a citizen which will make our baby girl a citizen once she hit US soil so the poverty guidelines don't matter! (She is my stepdaughter if I confused anyone) Her mother explained all this to the embassy person. Guess they didn't understand for some reason. I just sent an email to beg for help. Does anyone have a phone number where an actual human answers for emergency help? I just get automated information and then get cut off. I'm ready to cry my heart out!!!!
  7. Thank you both so much! She had me laughing saying she wants us to get her the day after the interview lol
  8. My baby girls 9/15 interview was cancelled and was rescheduled today for 11/18!!!! Thank God!!!! Praying for everyone still waiting.
  9. Hallelujah my baby girl got her interview rescheduled for November 18th!!!!! Her cancelled date was September 15th. Sending good vibes out to everyone still waiting.
  10. Waa gwaan mi family. Finally coming back on today to check in. Been too emotional about this 💩 and haven't felt up to participating. Hope you're all holding up. Can't wait for my baby girl to get her interview rescheduled. Sending good vibes 🔴🟡🟢
  11. I just checked the ceac tracker and it says our case was last looked at today. Hope that means they are doing something towards rescheduling. 🙏
  12. So devastated!!! Just got word my baby girl's interview is cancelled next Tuesday due to covid!!! I can't believe this!!!! I knew that after their election on the 3rd there would be some 💩💩 happening. I'm so sick of this.
  13. Just saw on the embassy website this so it looks like it's true. I knew once the election was done down there everything would be screwed up! Due to changes in COVID-19 caseloads in Jamaica, the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston will reduce consular services effective September 8. Emergency American Citizen Services and limited visa services will continue. U.S. Embassy Kingston has no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens who visit or reside in Jamaica. U.S. citizens who require emergency assistance should contact the Embassy at (876) 702-6000 or at KingstonACS@state.gov. If you need an emergency passport for urgent travel, please e-mail KingstonACS@state.gov with a copy of your travel itinerary and a request for an appointment. If you have an immigrant visa appointment, the Consular Section will contact you when we resume routine service to reschedule your appointment. If you have a nonimmigrant visa appointment, continue to monitor the appointment website for appointment availability.
  14. Just got a call from embassy that my daughter's interview for next Tuesday is cancelled due to COVID!!!!! Omg I'm beyond devastated for her. I'm going to send an email to them to be sure this isn't a scam because the call didn't come from the Jamaica area code. It came from an area code in Maryland. I don't trust anyone!! Has anyone else gotten a call?
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