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  1. Hi everyone, My mom, aunt, and sister recently went to get a tourist visa to come visit and my aunt and mom got a yes, but my sister was denied. She is a full time college student and is involved in a bunch of research projects in her university department. I don't get it. Is there anything I can do from here to have this changed or reconsidered in any way? Ive always been legal here and have done everything right. Thanks for any leads!
  2. Hi all, So I changed my first name during the naturalization process. I already applied and received my passport, then sent a package to the closest social security office to update my name with them before getting an ID, as advised by the DMV. It's been two months and I didn't hear a thing. I called and they don't have a record or anything on my SSN. So my naturalization certificate is lost somewhere. Has this happened to anyone else? The one thing I was told during my ceremony is that the certificate is very expensive to replace but it wasn't even me who lost it.... this is so frustrating. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  3. Hi all. I was wondering if I have to change my marriage certificate from 4 years ago since I changed my first name during the naturalization process. I'm obviously updating all info, ID, SSA, passport already came with new name, bank debit cards, credit cards.... then I was trying to remember if I forgot anything and this question came up. Do I have to? Part of me thinks no since it was my name at the time of marriage, correct? Thank you! ps Also, if I forgot anything else that needs updated, let me know guys! I really appreciate the help!
  4. Hi guys, I'm a new US citizen and changed my first name, and right now I'm waiting on my passport to get here with my original naturalisation paper so I can get a new DL, SS card, etc. I also got a new job and need to bring two types of ID on my first day. Should I take a copy of my naturalisation paper and my current ID even tho the names don't match and explain the situation? What does one do in this scenario?
  5. Hi everyone, just wondering how anyone that has chosen a name change during naturalization has gone about changing the social security card name? From ym research I have to send originals of passport and naturalization certificate and don't know how I feel about that but it seems to be the only option since SS offices are still closed due to covid. Anyone went through this process? How was it and how long did it take? Thanks in advance!
  6. Is there time to go back and choose to not change my name? I had my interview a week and a half ago and think I would like to keep my first name, but do want to change my middle name from Freitas de almeida to just almeida. What can I do? Can I ask the judge the day of the ceremony to keep my first name and just change my middle name instead of changing the two like I chose on the interview?
  7. Hi all, I'm about to become a citizen and am wondering what is the best order to update my documents (I have changed my first name). I went to the SSA website and it seems to be easier to apply for a passport first, then update your SSA. I am also wondering what documents you have to take to update your DL name? Thanks for any assistance!
  8. Hi guys, I've lived in TN since last July and applied for citizenship here. I have my interview this week and am wondering about the questions where they ask the names of your representatives. If I'm taking the test here but my ID is from CA, should I answer them based in the state im currently in or the state that issued my id? Anyone else had a similar experience? thanks!!
  9. So, you have a name in Brazil and a different one in the US. My question is, have you traveled to Brazil since then? And which passport did you present and which name did you book your ticket with considering you are a citizen of both countries? From what I understand and have research on this subject, you leave and reenter America with your American passport. When entering and leaving Brazil you use your Brazilian passport but show that you went through a name change in America and that is why your ticket has a different name. Correct?
  10. Hi guys, So I'm about to become a US citizen and will then have two passports with two different first names. During the citizenship process, I changed my first name. So, in my Brazilian passport I am Thiago and in my US passport I'm Pierre. When booking a trip between America and Brazil to go visit family, which passport do I use to book tickets and which do I show at the airport when I depart and upon arrival? Anyone has a similar background? Thank you!
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