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  1. I cant afford a lawyer sir and i handled every thing myself till now with help of kind people like u sir
  2. I lived in usa for years after the problems then i went in vacation to visit my mother in egypt and i am stuck now till the ban please guys its very hurting to me dont ask just to chat if u can help i beg u do if u cant dont just chat it insults me to remember all this i was beeing to a doctor after the abuse it took years and i am not titally recovered yet please?
  3. Its very embarassing ery humiliating bad memories U r right exactly i divorced my american wife while i was in egypt escaping her family abuse i was self petitioning my self vawa so i was living in egypt waiting for my vawa i360 to be decided she was abcent in the usa but she was legally residant of egypt as we were living in egypt before and had her usa passport stamped with the legal residance in egypt i divorced her in the egyptian court registration office they forced me to give her active address in usa forced me to pay fees for registered mail to make sure she was properly informed and announced with the divorce Perfect civil divorce that wascregistered in the civil office in egypt translated by ministery of justice in egypt and noterized and registered in the egyptian ministery if exterior and the american embassy in cairo what i do ? how to divorce her in america? is it long time taking to divorce her in america cost much money? please help u look like u know all have u been there? thank u
  4. Thank u how long u think it will take for eoir to decide? please what is diy imo? thank u
  5. Please all nice people , i love u , love ur will to help , thank u and all my family gratitude, i just need u answer my questions , nothing else , i know exactly what i ll do , just explain to me how eoir will tell me the uscis decision ? they r 2 different persons , right? how come i was told that my appeal will be reviewed by the local counseler which will take 6 to 12 months before transfered to bia and in 2 months it us transferred and is eoir same as bia? thanks
  6. Thank u for ur answer although i dont think the details will make any difference , i am asking about the meaning of uscis reply which is standard and the place where my appeal is , but we were denied as my marriage to my present wife is not considered correct due to my divorce from my ex american wife was in egypt not in court but in registration offices
  7. To cut it short my i 130 for my wife was denied i appealed eoir 29 i got this : On March 20, 2020 Thank you for your inquiry. Your case is currently pending review by local counsel to ensure there was no error in the decision on the case. The current review period is six months to one year. Your appeal will be forwarded to the Board of Immigration Appeals once review is completed. then i got this Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity On May 13, 2020, we sent your Form EOIR29, NOTICE OF APPEAL FROM DECISION OF DISTRICT DIRECTOR, to the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR). That office will mail you our decision or send you a request if it needs something from you. what does this mean where is our appeal? how long we ll have to wait? please help us please
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