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  1. Just got the letter. It says that I am registered into the SSS system and that I should keep the letter as the proof. I think that given there is a small chance I might get my green card before my 26th birthday, it'd be a waste of time and money to send them a proof of my F1 status only to re-register.
  2. what a butt, taking personal grudge on you who has nothing to do with it. Congratulation!
  3. I am 25 years old on F1 status (turning 26 in Feb 2021). Entered on B2 in 2009, did COS from B2 to F2, then F2 to F1 in 2014 for college. USPS informed delivery showed that I am getting a mail from selective service system today. I don't know if it's about registration confirmation notice, or that I didn't register with them yet. IIRC, the registration is not required for non-immigrants or males over 26. If they ask me for registration, what should I do? Can I just call them that I am exempt? If it says that I am registered, do I just let it be and do nothing else? If it matters, I applied for AOS on June. I also applied for new driver's license past August. I know that I-485 submission can automatically register me for the SSS, but I don't know if it's the driver license or I-485 that prompted automatic registration.
  4. IRS doesn't care about your immigration status - in fact, it's somewhat deliberate from its part.
  5. Someone told me in the past that it can be used to steal personal information. I don't know how exactly, but I reckon that it's similar to how some good for nothing criminals copy the car key signal and steals cars.
  6. Poor Obama. Dude can't get a break from "breaking constitution"(idk if that part is true or not) or "deportation chief" accusation.
  7. About point 1), it's possible that both can be correct. WIthout going far too much into details of biology, its entirely possible and has been done for a long time for many different purposes that virus/bacteria can pick up (this is called transduction) genetic materials from other virus/bacteria without directly modifying their genes.
  8. If you ever have chance to go to subreddit called Chinesetourist (which I admit has some racists element since the mod himself doesn't really care about cleaning out dirts) then you can see all kinds of insanity caused by ....them. As for my friends, long story short, my Aussie friend has had lots of bad encounters with Chineses in Australia, most of which were started by the Chineses. He also frequenlty talks about how the colleges are accepting CHinese international students with no standards, and how these chinese students are propagating pro-CCP agenda while attacking both locals and Hong Kong students that are supportive of Hong Kong freedom. Not to mention manipulation of housing market by foreign Chinese investors, which is also happening in Jeju Island and Washington State.
  9. I was talking to my Australian friend - who is fervently anti CCP for good reasons - and he told me that it's become a de facto truth in Australia that the virus came from Chinese lab. But no, democrats are too much of cowards to call them out. I will share an article from Australian virologist about the covid-19 lab origin theory once I find it again.
  10. Can we judge politicians on their own merits instead of in relation to others? "They did it too" is the biggest problem of American political discussion. And @dashinka, when people say "they are still waiting for evidences," it s because they don't care enough to expand their news outlets for well rounded facts. NY Times here have reported that a number of Republicans are acknowledging Russian involvements...and by the way, I am skeptical about Russian involvement (I really can't imagine CIA letting that happen lol) and I happen to lean left. Here is another report from Latvian newpaper about Russian hackers sharing Michigan voters' personal information.
  11. https://news.yahoo.com/ice-nurse-revealed-georgia-detention-215816246.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=fb https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/14/ice-detainees-hysterectomies-medical-neglect-irwin-georgia If this is true, then it is nothing short of Josef Mengele.
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