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  1. But when we file n-400 we won’t receive the 10-year green card and we have to wait for the naturalization, which is around18-20 months. That’s what I mean to ‘reset’ . Anyways, it is the same time we have to wait even if we had the 10y green card (i think).
  2. She can apply for the citizenship. However, take in consideration that you will "reset" the waiting times, and then you will have to wait (again) around 18 months for the citizenship, starting the date you submitted the application. Since she won't receive the 10-year green card, she will need to get the stamp in her passport once the 18-month letter she received when she filed for the 10-year green card expires. I am in the same situation. I filed for removal of conditions January last year. Last month I filed for the citizenship without receiving the new green card. Since I already have to wait, it doesn't really matter to me. My estimated processing time was 19 months.
  3. Hello. I am asking for a friend. She is planing on getting married but she doesn’t know whether to get married here in the US (coming with a K1 visa) or in her country. Can anyone help me telling me the difference between IR1, CR1, K3 visa? Also, do you know which one works faster, those kind of visa or the K1? She wants to apply for the one that will help her to come faster to the country. I can only speak for the K1 process but I don’t know anything about the other ones. Thank you in advance for your help
  4. I just checked the USCIS page and my estimated case completion time is August 2020 🤣🤣 😴😴. So, should I get the blue stamp in my passport before my extension letter expires? will it be good for an entire year?
  5. I just filled my N-400 today. ROC still pending, but since I already have to wait for that like 6 months, it doesn't hurt waiting a bit longer and get the citizenship and (finally) finish all this process.
  6. I submitted bank statements Jan-Dec 2017, mortgage, car and house insurance, tax returns. Not a single picture of us.
  7. I just filled it 5 minutes ago 😃
  8. I’m in the same group. My last update was March 2018 saying they received my case and it was in the local office.
  9. How do you check the files that are being moved?
  10. Can I apply after the 3rd anniversary? Let’s say, 1 month after?
  11. Hello. I sent all my paperwork for removal of conditions on November 2017, and, of course, it is still pending. I got my 2-year green card on 01/08/2016. Since this coming January will be 3 years living in the country (married to an US citizen), can I start filling for my citizenship? If so, when I ca start the process?
  12. Yes, I got the original extension
  13. When can we officially apply for naturalization? How much is the fee?
  14. Same here. I am receiving the same envelope today (that’s why I came to check the forum just in case). We won’t be able to see it until my husband gets home in like 2 hours. I also think it is too soon to get approvals. I have received the withe-paper extension letter and I hope this is the original one. I really hope it is not a letter for an interview because I don’t have more PTO at work this year. Keep us posted.
  15. NOA received today. Check cashed the 10th