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  1. End of the journey. i went to my interview at Raleigh NC office today and everything was ok. the interviewer wanted to see my Passport , driving license and green card first and then he asked some questions like my and my wife's name if i went outside of US. etc. then yes/no questions which i answered before. give a sentence to read and an other one to write. then the test. i signed 2 things one was my personal information (if it was correct) that was all. he did not ask anything else to see (i bring a lot of things with me ) that was all in 20 minutes and told me everything is fine. he gave me a paper which shows i passed the test but decision can not be made now. when i asked why he told me there is a problem with the system so he can't approve it now. after i go home i checked my case status and it is saying "we approved your application and oath ceremony will be scheduled. so end of the journey for me. i must say that Visa journey helped me a lot to do all the things by myself.Good luck everybody...
  2. I filled online on October 5 and the Bio app was on October 26 at Raleigh NC office. i will have an interview on January 3rd 2019.i was not expecting that fast.
  3. Yes I did. on February 26 and 27 recieved at local office. and one more on April 9 I think (not sure what was that)
  4. Hi I sent my documents on 2017/07/01 and my NOA date is 2017/07/03.I got a RFE on 2018/08/06. I send the documents back on 2018/08/21 and got an email today saying my new card is being produced. Vermont service center.Finally