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    We met online in July 2012, got engaged in July 2013. We submitted the K-1 paperwork in March 2015, Approved in September 2015 and married in October 2015. We completed AOS in February 2016 and started our ROC in November 2017. This site has been an amazing source of information and I know we will be prepared for every step along the way. Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences.

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  1. ***Update: I found some new information. It looks like it is happening to other folks as well. ***
  2. We are seeing the same with my husband's case. Not happy that it is happening but always a good feeling to know you are not alone.
  3. Hello, has anyone had the issue on the uscis.gov website where the case status, case history and documents section for their case has disappeared. I have tried IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera with no success of getting the details to show up. Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well.
  4. Just saw website was updated to say biometrics reuse letter was sent Feb 19th. The Portland OR office is a bit slow so we know it will be a few months for an interview. Some days it says June 2021 and some days it says September 2021...we will just wait and see. Good luck to those getting interviews!
  5. We filed for my husband today. Filed under the 3 year rule. We had put it off for a while because to be honest we needed an “immigration process” break. The kick was the change in civics test, as mentioned it does not seem to be too bad but my husband has test anxiety and just the thought of more questions was all the push we needed to get back in the process. Good luck to everyone. We are in the Portland Oregon area.
  6. J/G, this information was so helpful. Not only did it explain how I would need to upload the supporting documents (my OCD had to know to prepare ahead of time) but I also did not panic when I got the dreaded dashes. I downloaded the Opera browser, added the forms again and my panic went away. I will forever be grateful for your post.
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