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  1. Cleared my interview yesterday in Portland! Also had the oath ceremony on the same day so I am officially a USC now! Soooo happy to put this process behind me now !
  2. Hey November Filers So happy to share news that my interview happened yesterday here in Portland OR and I cleared it successfully! I was even more stoked when my interviewing officer asked if I was available to return in the afternoon to be sworn in (Duh! of course I was!). Oath ceremony was short and totally without fanfare, which was understandable in covid times. As of 2pm, I walked out of the USCIS office with my nat certificate and an American flag in hand. Also applied for my passport today! Interview was fairly smooth and lasted about 30 mts total. One thing that I found absolutely bizarre...I asked about getting a certified copy of the nat certificate, just for my own records. They could easily print that but they wouldn't do it unless I needed it for a specific purpose (in which case I needed to make an appointment and return). But there is no cost for a certified copy. And I was already there in person! Nor was I holding the line (there was no one else in the waiting room). So I don't understand why they couldn't just make another copy when clearly it was not difficult to do so. Oh well! I wish everyone the very best for your upcoming interviews and hope every single one of you has reason to celebrate soon. I couldn't have seen this day without the VJ forums......
  3. My ex and I got divorced AFTER I completed the ROC successfully and got my 10-yr green card. Now I am up for my N400 interview next week. I've collected as many docs as possible to prove the validity of our marriage and the timeline resulting in our divorce. Any other divorcees out there who got divorced after ROC and then had to appear for their N400 interview ? I am curious to find out about the questions you were asked and docs you needed to present. My timeline: July 2015 - got married to USC spouse Feb 2016 - 2Yr GC approved Nov 2017 - Applied for ROC (we were living together when I applied for ROC) Jan 2019 - ROC approved. 10 yr GC issued. (We split up in late 2017 ....Spouse got a job in a different city so we lived separately , though still married) July 2019 - Got divorced Nov 2020 - Applied for N400 Oc 2021 - N4OO Interview If it is any help, I called USCIS several times before filing ROC to ask about how to describe our marital situation. In Nov 2017 our marriage was on the rocks but we were not ready to file for divorce yet. USCIS agents informed me over phone that I did not need to provide a divorce waiver since I had not filed for one yet. They said I could explain the situation if and when called for an interview for the ROC. I ended up getting my perm GC without an interview , but I am sure that the divorce will come up in my N400 interview next week. If you're reading this and can relate, please reach out
  4. Hey @jpelan...In case you were not aware, there is a separate group for Portland filers that seems to be more active. So please check there! The name is something like Citizenship wait times Portland OR, I think.
  5. November Filers I'm applying under the 5-yr PR rule. Originally got my green card through marriage but we divorced in 2019 so I'm not applying under the 3-yr rule. My question for other singles / divorced applicants : Were you asked to show your W2s or 401k/ bank statements in your interview? I am reading in the October 2020 forum that some folks were asked to turn in that docs and consequently they are back in the waiting game.
  6. Hello there, I have my N400 interview next week at the USCIS office here in Portland OR. I'm curious, did the officer want to see YOUR W2 even though it was your husband who was the applicant? I've already collected federal and state tax returns for the last five years and put them in my binder for my interview. I guess I should grab my W2s as well, just to be safe? Did the officer want to see the two year green card as well? This is such an ordeal. I'm so sorry to hear that the process is not over for you yet!
  7. Congratulations @SN & PZ ! Great to hear you had a positive experience as you finish your USCIS journey!
  8. If anyone is interviewing at the Portland office in the next few days or weeks, please share your experience here
  9. Super happy to hear this @Sunya and Tim ! I hope it is a smooth ride for both of you. I am prepping for my appt in 2 weeks. Will share an update here soon.
  10. What sort of word definitions? I am not familiar with this either. Been following applicant stories here and some mock interviews on Youtube... Was anyone asked for docs or evidence they did not have on hand? Anything that they were NOT expecting to be asked?
  11. Did your driver's license suffice for that purpose? I heard from another applicant recently that he was asked to provide copies of older driver's licenses as well....which of course he did not have (Most states take them back when you move and apply for a new license). But that was a strange request since the officer must have known that it is not possible to hold on to DLs from states once you move out from there.
  12. Folks who are appearing for interviews in the next few weeks (or who did appear recently)...please do share your experiences here so we can all prepare as best as possible! Particularly curious about the questions asked outside the Civics test....any questions you did not anticipate, or request for docs that you did not have on hand.
  13. As I understand, the field office location seems to have little to do with the actual processing timeframe. When your file gets sent to a field office, you get an interview date assigned (assuming there are no red flags at that point). So the delay in getting an interview date is actually not a result of your field office....it seems to be a delay at the center where your application was filed....NBC, Kansas City in your case. I think that was the same office for my application as well. As I noticed for my own case, the estimated processing timeframe varied almost every few weeks from 6 mos to 12 or even 14 mos. My field office is Portland OR. But the delay wasn't really because the Portland office was backlogged. It just took a very long time for my application to get transferred from NBC, Kansas City to my field office.
  14. Thank you. I have to admit I was surprised that the USCIS alert did not happen in time. The update happened yesterday and I happened to see it when I checked my app status online. But I did not get a text notification about the same until today. Also, a friend who applied a month after me (he filed in Dec 2020) got his interview date set for Sep 26 (Chicago office). I think his application was getting processed at NBC Missouri as well.....so who knows how or why these things take so long? I hope your husband gets his date in the next few days. Regardless, let us compare notes....
  15. Finally the inevitable has happened! Got my interview date set for October 26 here in Portland. Anyone else scheduled to interview around that time? If someone has been to the Portland USCIS office recently for their N400 interview, could you please share your experience? I am curious to find out if oath taking happens on the same day, and if passport applications can be filed right away. Of course, any and all information about the experience is relevant !
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