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  1. Thanks...I know that is a big part it, was trying to see if anyone has went through it. But thank you!
  2. Can someone let me know what forum section I can read up on a wife going back to her home country and not coming back. She was only in the USA for 10 months and my job had me working a strange schedule 3 weeks on/3 weeks off. So we were only really together 50% of that 10 months. She went back to Ukraine in 2020, then COVID and all those rules kicked in and during this time her 2 year green card expired but I had a narrow window for a SB-1 visa and completed the package and then the war broke out. I support her monthly, but communication is only a few words every few days via FB messenger. this has been going on since the war and I cannot relate to what her and her family has gone through, but they did make it to Poland and have been there over a year. But it seems obvious to me she is not coming back. I do not need to start a conversation chain on this page if there is another page that I have overlooked that I need to post this on. I am concerned that the I-864 is a noose around my neck even if we were together for only 5 months. Can someone just point me to the correct forum so I can read other peoples cases on situations like this...thanks.
  3. VJ Forum, I have to submit a I-290B for my wife per a letter from USCIS. My question is I am the petitioner or does it have to be my wife? I do not have a way to get documents to her since she is a refugee in Poland right now (she was over there from before the war and we were in the middle of a SB-1 visa for her to return). More issues about this than I care to dump on the VJ readers; but I am filling out the form and hopefully someone can confirm that I can sign this document. Thanks
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