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  1. they'll say up to 6 weeks. if it takes longer than a week either it wasn't truly given to a supervisor or something serious is wrong.
  2. you gotta save after each address. I've gone out to 16 different addresses and I can't reproduce any problems. AILA has claimed the 260 only goes as far as 9. if saving after each address doesn't solve the problem I would call. there has to be a software team or an IT person could fix it or report it to someone who can.
  3. hellspawner

    NVC stage outline (merged threads)

    funny thing about mex police certs. you'll need one for each state you resided in for anything more than 6 months. not all mex states are the same though. if a particular state does not have one avab, you'll be required to obtain the federal cert. do not just get the federal and expect it to be enough if you lived all over mex. if you can't get it because you're out of status and filing a 601a, nvc can waive the pc requirement, but understand you'll be expected to have them ready during the int. cdj is hella slow to schedule. do yourself a favor and be as prepared as possible otherwise admin proc could tie you up for months.
  4. hellspawner

    I-130 and K3/k4?

    legally you can file a k3 on behalf of your spouse while you're waiting for your 130 to be approved. if the 130 is approved before the k3 the k3 will be administratively closed and merged with the 130. uscis will purposely approve the 130 first. the previous post is right. the number of k3s can be counted on one hand. if its costs anything more than a stamp don't bother.
  5. what post? second round for April is closed. if you didn't get scheduled you'll have time. that being said if you submit a new doc you're wind up with a new qualified date. that puts you back to the end of the line. that might not be bad, but if we're talking about someplace like cdj you'll end up costing yourself months. it's '17s transcript that's your problem. guaranteed if you called and asked what was entered as your income you'll be told the amount that's on the transcript. ya'll know you can do that right? the beneficiary will have the opportunity to plead your case at the interview. an assessment letter from the nvc isn't the end of the world. it's gonna take considerable effort to overcome. the va letter won't even be looked at. so unless you're confident you 18 total inc is above pov you're gonna need a js. sorry I have to think out loud.
  6. hellspawner

    uploading photos to CEAC

    wow. sorry my sense of humor didn't come across. fortunately I'm being 100% serious. upload anything prior to the 260 being reviewed will just require the processor to mark the file accepted not needed. after review the system will just automagically pop acquire for a status. sorry again. best of luck.
  7. marriage by proxy is not legal in phil. I doubt its legality in korea. it's hardly legal in the states. she is a phil national. consummated or not its not legal for immigration.
  8. if she holds a phil passport, she'll interview in mnl. I'm reasonable sure fam9 does not recognize marriage by proxy. iv never seen cr1/ir1 granted that was marriage by proxy. they'll flag it admin processing and laugh her out the door.
  9. hellspawner

    uploading photos to CEAC

    they accept anything for that. photos are always taken at the interview. do something fun like upload them a pic of stick figures.
  10. hellspawner

    Sponsor Doct privacy of TAX W2

    if his case is online, he has no choice but to upload. mail docs and they'll just return them.
  11. if that's not it then they've based the determination off line 22 of the 1040
  12. I'd guess you missed the income question on the 864
  13. this story is full of issues but everyone has overlooked 2 valuable points. she is a Philippine national. she will interview at the us embassy in manila. cenomar is required as the divorce will need to be valid by Philippine law. second, plan and simple the marriage must be legal where they intend to reside. uscis is not your problem. they'll approve the i130 without hesitation. us dept of state however does not recognize a marriage by proxy as a valid marriage, consummated or not in any state in the us. sorry, you are getting way ahead of yourself and that will cause you a lot of grief down the line. slow down and do things right. these sorts of issues could leave you with relationship problems. risking that is not worth it.
  14. Anyone know the current supervisors are at the nvc? Any advice on who to talk to?