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  1. Was it form DS-5535? If so, you can read about the experience of other visa applicants in the thread below. No one knows how long Administrative Processing will last. You'll just have to wait.
  2. Depends on the state/county where you plan to get married. Have a chat with your fiance if you haven't decided on a venue yet. Then check the requirements there. Getting multiple certified copies of your birth certificate would be a good bet, though.
  3. The letter says your fiance can't be interviewed until the US Embassy in Manila (not your fiance) receives the physical case files. Once your fiance has an email from NVC with his MNL#, he can proceed with his medical at SLEC. No need to wait for any snail mail. As for the K1 visa interview, wait for the status on CEAC to show READY before scheduling. Check out Hank's guide for the K1 process via USEM: https://visaconnection-philippines.com/nvc-k-1.html
  4. Yup, my mom and I got our visas. The fact that we have slightly different surnames on our passports was not brought up at all. We made sure to declare all my mom's names on her DS-160.
  6. Check out: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/156-social-security-numbers/
  7. You (the USC) need to file a petition first. You can mail the petition from anywhere. Then wait around 6 to 8 months for the petition to be processed. If the petition is approved, your fiance can apply for a K1 visa at the US consulate in Guangzhou. Please read through the guide: https://www.visajourney.com/content/k1guide
  8. Declare your child's siblings, then put "Unknown" in place of the information you don't have.
  9. We have a similar issue with my mom's name. Her married surname on her passport is different from my surname! My dad's surname was misspelled on their marriage contract and they never bothered to correct it because the spelling was only slightly different (like "Gonzales" vs "Gonzalez"). Thankfully, my parents used the correct spelling on my birth certificate. I worried that this would be a big deal when we were applying for our tourist visas because we were applying together. I thought the CO would make a fuss that our surnames are spelled differently. He didn't. No mention at all about our surnames. Anyway, here's what I suggest for your mom's tourist visa application -- On her DS-160, list her name EXACTLY as it appears on her passport. On the field for "Other Names Used", list her name as it appears on her birth certificate, plus any other names she used on other IDs and legal documents. At the interview, bring documents to help explain the name discrepancy. I highly doubt the CO will ask for any of the documents your mom will bring, but at least it might help to give her some peace of mind at the interview. Good luck to your mom and I hope you update us after she applies.
  10. If your wife opted for courier delivery, she would have been given a claim stub with a tracking number. When I had my passport renewed, I remember the courier company staff at the DFA passport center giving explicit instructions to applicants not to lose their claim stubs. Any chance your wife still has the claim stub somewhere in her purse or something?
  11. Yup, you may apply for a marriage license from any parish in LA. No need to delay your wedding to wait for your fiancee's SSN. Congrats on the upcoming wedding!
  12. In Louisiana, "a marriage license may be issued in any parish, regardless of where the ceremony is to be performed or where the parties reside" as long as the ceremony takes place in the state. In any case, Ascension parish may also waive the requirement for SSN if you choose to apply for a marriage license there -- "If no number has been issued, that person must appear in person and sign a statement to that effect." http://www.ascensionclerk.com/Marriage-Licenses
  13. Not sure which parish you're at. I assume Livingston? SSN is not required for non-USC/LPR to get a marriage license. Instead of SSN, your fiancee must present her valid and unexpired passport from the Philippines. She will also need to provide her PSA birth certificate. https://www.livclerk.org/marriage-licenses/
  14. No need to worry. What's most important is the applicant name on the DS-160 form and on the appointment confirmation. And you already did all you can by calling USEM to correct the misspelling. As for the name on "Appointment Made By", check your fiancee's name on her profile at https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/
  15. From https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/exams/ti/panel/tuberculosis-panel-technical-instructions.html -- People with HIV infection are less likely to have an abnormal chest x-ray during tuberculosis disease; and negative IGRA results do not rule out tuberculosis disease, thus all applicants with known HIV infection must provide sputum specimens for microscopy and culture regardless of IGRA and chest x-ray results in order to rule out tuberculosis disease.
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