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  1. Thank you I'm so excited and counting down the days! Our process took over 2 years because my husband is a Permanent Resident and not citizen, but at least we'll be together for our 3rd wedding anniversary lol good luck with everything else I hope you are able to join your husband soon
  2. Know that feeling I'll be with my husband in two weeks! Can't wait to fly out and so thankful for ending this long process.
  3. You can fill the forms out on the computer, but you need to sign with ink, thats all. It takes the usual amount of time as if submitting the first time, from a few days, to a few weeks. Depends. Good luck with everything!
  4. Yep I had my plunket book, also got the nurse to print out my vaccination record when I got my tetanus booster a couple months ago, and also had my yellow travel vaccination booklet thing too
  5. I got an A number in my IL too, didn't realise they gave them at this stage. I haven't heard of anyone getting them at USCIS stage before though like the person above mentioned.
  6. NVC don't really care how you filed, just so long as you did file. Many file as single and have no issues.
  7. Honestly, I'd just email the consulate and ask them.
  8. You can still upload additional documents to CEAC when your case is at your Consulate. I did that just last week (AOS and Civil documents) - and instead of NVC reviewing your documents, the consulate does it.
  9. They tend to go off of your most previous tax (currently 2018) so its highly possible they will ask for a co sponsor from you. If you're going to be at NVC after starting your new jobs then collect pay stubs and any assets (bank statements) etc and upload to NVC at the same time under additional documents. I know that in NZ the consular officers only go off of whatever you upload to CEAC website. Auckland consulate makes us post our documents at least 2 weeks before the interview and I added additional income documents and they told me I needed to upload them to CEAC because if they're not on the portal, then the officer can't/won't see them basically (and they generally decide your fate before you even have your interview). So whatever you plan on having at the interview, make sure its on CEAC too. I've heard of people taking additional documents to their interviews and being put into AP until they uploaded them onto CEAC.
  10. CityMed is literally a couple of buildings away from the Consulate in Auckland, and everything is on the same floor - so I'm definitely glad I went with them! Good luck with the rest of your process My interview is next week, can't wait to be done with this whole process!
  11. Oh yikes! So glad I decided on Auckland instead of Wellington after all! I live equal distance from both cities so didn't think it would make a difference which one I chose. Good luck for this afternoon When is your interview?
  12. Definitely call them and don't give up until you talk to a human, the wait is often over half an hour but this needs sorting out. Good luck!
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