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  1. sherydenise

    Impact on relationship

    I'm quite the same, well in the beginning I didn't really look anything up because I knew there would be a little wait, but neither of us realised it would be a 20 month wait for our approval(f2a) as his friends all had much shorter wait times for theirs a couple of years ago. We've been long distance for 6 years and married for 2. After I realised the process was taking longer than usual, thats when I started googling and finding out information. I joined VJ last year and facebook groups and would let him know about peoples timelines and what we should expect and many of our conversations turned into talking about immigration and the process and me saying "I read this..." and he'd say "but my friends said this.." and probably 80% of our conversations were me talking about it until he told me to stop because its just stressful on him and he doesn't want to think about it. So I did stop, until we got our approval then I slooowlllyyyy started talking about it again (not to the extent I was before) and after a couple of weeks he told me to stop again - which is when I told him that I NEED someone to be able to talk with about this - none of my friends or family have ever been through this process or understand what we're going through, whereas most of his friends have gone through it and he talks with them about it when he wants but won't talk to me about it. Then I got all dramatic and said I won't mention anything else until I have my visa and book my plane ticket 🤣 🤣 but we were able to chat it out and see each others point of view. It does get super stressful and hard, but might be good for you guys to try and find a healthy balance of how much immigration talk happens between you two. I've found it really helpful for my peace of mind to know how far along we were in the process and what our next steps would be etc whereas my husband finds too much information as "stressful". Thankfully I've had these forums and the fb pages to talk with others about the whole thing otherwise I would've lost the plot haha.. I'm still waiting for a police certificate to arrive from overseas before I can submit my documents to NVC and I'm trying so hard not to talk about it every day because I can tell its starting to annoy him lol so I keep managing to find ways to bring it up to others as you can see 😂 So I can understand how you're feeling, and I'm totally up to chat if you ever need to, even if its just about immigration stuff because I know how frustrating it can be to keep it all pent up inside while he tries not to think about it at all. I'm so thankful that this whole process will be over for us in a few months. Its been a loong two years so far (will be two years since filing next month!).
  2. sherydenise

    NZ Police Certificate for NVC

    Thank you so much! I will do that.
  3. Hi all, wondering if anyone may be able to assist, I'm uploading documents on CEAC and all I need is my NZ police certificate and German one (which SHOULD be on its way to me in the post but I have NO idea as they don't notify you or anything), anyway, I know for the NZ one we have to submit a form for the NZ Police to send the clearance straight to the consulate. So should I fill the form out and upload that, then add a note to say the police certificate will be sent direct to the consulate - or should I click the "not available" option? I know NZ has only recently started the online uploading so its possible that nobody will really know which I should choose. I'm f2a so I don't want the certificate to "expire" before I manage to get an interview as I heard its only valid for 3 months. I'm leaning more towards the "fill out form and add note" option, but wanted to see if anyone else agrees or has done this through the CEAC website yet. Thanks!
  4. As others have said, just buy a one way ticket. You cannot skip the first flight - if you do then the return ticket will be cancelled. Do not call and ask the airlines as they don't like when people do this, its very frowned upon.
  5. sherydenise

    CR-1 Visa- Illegal?

    I'm F2A but this is still relevant. I traveled to the US to visit my boyfriend, he proposed, next day we figured we may as well get it over and done with while I was still there for that week (since both our families live in totally different parts of the world and we figured we could do the "ceremony" at a later date if we wished), so three days after he proposed - we got married at the New York City clerks office. And I flew back to my Country two days later.
  6. Its taking an average of 20 months (between 19-22 months) for approvals. Over two years for the whole process to getting the visa for F2A.
  7. sherydenise

    Last Film You Saw Thread

    Did you like it? I watched that a few days ago and really enjoyed it, I don't know why so many people are hating on it. Much better than watching remakes and the 3rd or 4th sequel to something that should've stopped after the first movie.
  8. They tend not to update you until you get a case number and NVC will email or mail it to you. You can call NVC to find out when they received your case and from that date count 8 weeks, but the most common wait time is about 6 weeks from when they receive it. But you or your partner should try calling to find out the information anyway. And call early morning or late at night otherwise its a loooong wait on hold.
  9. Your time is coming so soon! How long have you been case closed? My PD is feb 13 2017 and we're uploading documents at NVC right now, so I'm a couple months behind you, desperately want to be with my husband in April for his birthday but I have a feeling I may be waiting until May. Good luck
  10. well as far as I'm aware, permanent residents are only allowed to spend a certain amount of time outside of the country, so if she spent a few months with you in the US and then moved to NZ for a couple of years, its possible she will need a new permit to re enter the USA when you return. I think PR can't spend more than 6 months at a time outside of the US?
  11. Yeah, if I remember correctly you basically just need something with both your names at the same address. The immigration lady told me even just 3 months worth.
  12. CEAC kept crashing and logging me out last night while filling out my addresses on DS-260. Changed browsers and managed to get it all done finally. Login page was taking a while to load also. Just waiting on my police certificate to arrive from Germany, and my one from my own country then I should have everything uploaded in January
  13. sherydenise

    How long have you and your SO spent apart?

    The longest we spent apart was about 20 months (he moved to the USA and I moved back to NZ, from Europe). I was finally able to visit him and we got engaged on my last weekend with him, and then we decided to marry before I left at the end of that week. We skype at least once a week and talk on the phone every night, unless one of us is away for a weekend on a trip then we'll usually just message. Together for 6 years, married for 2 at NVC now! Can't wait to be together soon ❤️
  14. I'm from NZ, you do have to show you have lived, or at least stayed a couple of months in an airbnb or hotel or anything together. I couldn't get my husband a partner visa just so he could visit me because we've only ever spent 2-3 weeks together each time we meet up. She could always visit you in the USA for 2-3 months and get mail or something sent to your address and that is proof.