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  1. I used the same one, make sure its properly readable after compression.
  2. Yes separate I-864ez for each parents. If you are the only sponsor ( All income under your W2) then you should do I-864ez. Sometime multiple sponsors needed in that case I-864 is required.
  3. I think is you are the only sponsor the use I-864ez and if you have other family member sponsoring with you then file I-864.
  4. 1. Since I only paid 1 AOS fee, do I complete only 1 I-864 form? Nop you pay one fee but upload separate I-864ez for both parents separately and upload in their respective accounts 2. Under Part 3 #2, do I check this box and write my other parent's name under Family Member 1 since they are immigrating at the same time? part 3 is information about petitioner only on I-864ez form 3. Related to my question #2, it says on Part 3 #2 "Do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petition", does this mean that I should not write my other parent's info in this form? I think you are filling up I-864 and not I-864ez. I am not expert but I am telling you based on what I have done. Hope this helps :)
  5. PD 1/28/2020 --> Approved on 1/22/2021 --> Received email from NVC today(1/25/2021) for both my parents. Paid $325 for each for IV and one time $120 for AOS fees. Now waiting for fee processing so AOS and financial documents can be submitted.
  6. Both my parents approved today after 24 hours of case if being actively reviewed status. Applied i30 for my mom dad in Potomac center. Took whole year for processing. Now looking forward for NVC stage. Guy please keep posting here so we know how to proceed further.
  7. I guess applications are being processed around end of Nov 2019 at this point.
  8. No updates for me as well Filled i130 for parents on 1/28/2020 online at Potomac service center
  9. Just to give you guys some idea on progress. I filed i130 for my parents on 1/28/2020. Mumbai consulate. No updates yet.
  10. For online i130 application for parents you will need following documents initially... 1. Your birth certificate 2. Your US passport/Naturalization certificate 3. Your parent's marriage certificate Additional documents to support but not necessary are following .... 4. Your parents' passports 5. Your driving license 6. Cover letter 7 Name change affidavit if different names are used in past
  11. Mine is same till today ( 2/7/2020) I applied on 1/28/2020. Keep us posted if anything changes
  12. Hello everyone, Filled i130 today for my mom and dad online. Priority date: 1/28/2020 Awaiting further response...
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