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  1. Yea 10 year . Lol did they tell you that . But uscis lady told me to wait for 10 year gc 😂 as combo filling will delay your case . These people are wierd specially Houston 😑. You will get it soon inshallah
  2. I got gc in sep 2018 and applied for n400 in oct 2018 .showing 22 months
  3. Oh ok 👍 hopefully you will get it soon . USCIS person told me that combo filing might get delay case for few month .
  4. Here in Houston a girl told me she was approved in 4 months and got oath after 2 months . And look at timeline , people who applied in jan 2018 got oaths with in 6 month 🤷🏻‍♀️ They applied online I think
  5. people who applied in January 2018 got passports in just 4 months .. whats the reason any one knows?
  6. Thanks man ! I already applied yesterday now showing waiting time 24 months ☹️. When did you apply ?
  7. hello every one guys I have 2 questions .1 is I m from Pakistan is any one from Pakistan ?should I submit nadra marriage certificate or true copy nikahnama?and second is I don't know where is Isis account no ?I m applying oniline and I have uscis account.
  8. guys anyone from Pakistan who has applied for n400 ? I have a question that should I send nadra marriage certificate or union council true copy ?
  9. guys I got green card today .my pd was 3 July 2017. now I want to ask is there any one from Houston ?I will apply for n400 so how long will it take online?
  10. Hello guys can any one tell me that is there any time difference between online and paper filling from Houston ?has any one applied online from Houston ?