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  1. Thanks so much @wuozopo, that helps a great deal, I really appreciate it, God bless
  2. Than u for the reply. She didn’t take it to the medical, but took it to the interview & papawork It wasn’t taken from her.
  3. It said “k visa application election not to be vaccinated at this examination”
  4. Morning all, can someone advise us if we’re doing this right. My wife is here on k1 visa, at her medical exam in London all the test was don except the flu jab, she refused another at the medical cause she had just taking one three weeks prior. Her form 3025 was processed & sent to the embassy for her interview, but she was told at the medical she will need it fo her AOS. Nothing was mentioned as regards the the Jab at her interview. We’re Sending the AOS this week, should we just take the flu shot get the record and include it with our copy of form 3025? we will appreciate ur response. Thank you.
  5. Morning, pls I need a clarification to my concern. My spouse enter on k1 visa, we are married now in USA. About to adjust status. I intend to file the following forms i 130, i485, i765, i131, i864 my Question. I’m doubting if I need to include form i-130 in our application. Responses will highly be appreciated. Thank you all
  6. We are in the same situation. Staying the 14 days in Mexico. Hopping to be in New York next week.
  7. lean to trust her she is your wife, she file for you & brought you over. if she doubt you, you will not be here, at least not through her. asking you for your social security is for your own good when you file ur tax jointly, for ur future paperwork with uscis. if you think you don't trust her why did you marry her?
  8. There is nothing wrong with your case, make sure you are honest. It’s okay to av met him while you were still married. you clearly need to explain when you started a relationship with ur boyfriends. Be careful with them dates, they pay attention, most importantly be honest.
  9. I’m in the same situation. My fiancée flight has been cancel twice. This is are tough times. I pray we come over it soon.
  10. Thanks for d reply. virgin Atlantic said she can travel, but they have cancel her flight on two occasions. Now I’m booking delta but they can’t give a definitive answer if she will be able to fly. Kinda of confused.
  11. Hi all, Does anyone know if my British fiancée will be allow to travel to USA on k1 visa. Her flight is Scheduled for tomorrow. London lhr - jfk. airline could not give me a definitive answer. Your reply will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi, got some quiz & concerns about the ban. My fiancée is British, she got her k1 visa march 19th and she plan traveling to USA April 26th. My question is, is she gonna be allow to travel concerning the ban. She will be flying from London LHR to New York. thank you reply will be approved
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