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  1. I wasn't able to check. Is there anyway I can take a look at the history?
  2. It is sent from Laguna Niguel, CA
  3. No news might be good news. We just got a letter in the mail dated 02/28/18 and it was an RFE!!! We've never gotten that before😐😐😐 It says we've failed to establish good faith marriage because we didn't send actual transactions on bank accounts and credit cards, and the 2015 taxes weren't signed and "did not provide supporting evidence to corroborate the information reported." What does that mean??? What evidence do we have to send for taxes?? It also says that photos did not cover all the marriage but we sent so so many, From anniversaries, trips to Turkey Disneyland and local spots. I really didn't think this would be an issue. Our baby is even turning 1 soon!! Aby by advice on what to send would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thank you! I’m up right now checking!
  5. That's so scary! We've been trying to get an info pass but to no luck! Any tips?
  6. Also, I am now wondering about my husband's status in America? Is it okay that we don't have the stamp in the passport and the letter is expired or is he now "illegal?"
  7. Hello all, i have been been trying to make an info pass appointment for the pst month but with no luck! My husband and I wanted to go on vacation but now we're going to have to stay in the US. I have tried going on at all times of day, but I still receive the same message of no appointments available. Any tips? The last time we travelled his green card was still valid because of the year long extension letter, but now the extension letter is also expired. Will we be safe going on a road trip from CA to NY? Don't want to face the threat of deportation or anything like that.
  8. Hi you guys, this is just popped into my mind. My husband and I are going to Seattle tomorrow from San Francisco on plan. He won't be hassled about anything will he? It's still in the US.
  9. Hi you guys, first off congrats to our those who received news! my husband's extension letter expires in October. What are my next steps while waiting for the 10 year green card? When the extension letter expires is he then an undocumented immigrant and faces deportation?