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  1. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    No, it does not. But it does say that it is the "Privacy Act Type". And that's about it. As others have pointed out, it clearly says that the finger prints and the picture were destroyed, and it has no embossed seal...just the signature of the very same person who signed off on the certified criminal check with embossed logo and the finger prints/picture.
  2. Sonata Arctica

    Anyone Know What This Means?

    No, not yet.
  3. Sonata Arctica

    Anyone Know What This Means?

    Maybe I didnt make myself clearer...all the same, thank you for replying so quickly. I know the process and the steps involved. All the documents were already submitted some time ago. BTW, you CANNOT submit documents in piecemeal. I was told to submit everything in one shot and that's what I did, right after submitting the DS260. My question is about the red broken lines - why have they appeared now? And what is the difference between the lighter and the darker ones?
  4. I am attaching a file with this thread, of the NVC Process flowchart. Does anyone know what the red broken lines mean? These lines weren't there a couple of days ago. As you can see, the lines running from the 'NVC reviews Case' to Affidavit of Support and the one to the 'Submit IV Application' are lighter red, and the one running to the 'Submit Civil Documents' is darker red. Ideas? Thanks.
  5. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    Actually, before all of this fiasco, I had simply gone to the Calgary Police and requested a criminal check, with US immigration as they reason for the request. And then this who thing happened. Then I went through numerous calls and visits to the RCMP and Commissionaires, and was told that no privacy act certified criminal check with finger prints can be done. Commissionaries agreed to do a finger print-based criminal check if I paid them their fee of $86 or so, but only under Visa/Border Crossing as the reason. So I did that. And then I randomly called RCMP again, and they said they would do the finger print based criminal check under privacy act. I did that too. Yesterday I got the RCMP one back but it doesnt have finger-prints on it. However, it does say that it was requested under Privacy Act. The one I had submitted was the first one, from Calgary Police. Seems I might be getting a checklist too, even though the lady from the NVC said that I should submit whatever one I had.
  6. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    I submitted our documents to the NVC a week ago. I called them up before the submission and the lady said that I should submit whatever certificate I have, and put a comment in there, clearly stating that I will be bringing in the correct one to the interview. I just received the one from RCMP with Privacy Act as the reason and it states that in addition to having no criminal record, the finger prints and the picture have been destroyed. To be safe, I also got one done with the Commissionaires, with finger prints and a face shot, with Visa/Border crossing as the reason. Commissionaires refused to do a privacy act one. So I will be taking all three with me whenever the interview happens.
  7. I recently submitted the documents to NVC through CEAC, and am wondering if there is a potential for getting a checklist in case of the following: 1. In the I-864 forms we filled out (sponsor, joint sponsor and household member of the joint sponsor), we left blank any fields that did not apply to us. Is that ok or should we have marked every not applicable field as N/A? 2. In case of the joint sponsors (my in-laws who live in the US), we submitted their IRS transcripts along with the AOS forms. They are married and file their taxes jointly. I also submitted both their current pay stubs. For the household member's income (my mother-in-law), I got her 3 yrs income from the 3 yrs of transcripts, as she is the only one who had a salary (father-in-law has business income on the transcripts), but didnt submit her W2, as the transcript shows her income already. Will that be ok? 3. My birth certificate is from Pakistan, and it was a struggle getting it. I just noticed that they have misspelled my father's title name (MALIK) as MAILK, basically switching the 'I' and the 'L'. Is this a potential reason for a checklist? Will the interviewer (Montreal) have issues with it? It already took a long time getting it in the first place. I am a little concerned about item 3, because getting a new one will take long time, and cost quite a bit. The first two items can be fixed if needed, locally. If there is any advice for me, a few words of assurance would really help, if possible :). Thanks.
  8. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    Well, RCMP Strathmore and Airdrie (closest to me in Calgary) both turned me away. Calgary Police refused to do finger print checks and directed me to go to Commissionaires, again. And Commissionaires refused to do the finger print certified criminal act under the privacy act and insisted on getting one done for the purposes of obtaining US immigration visa. Should I get that then? I think things have changed here in Calgary from the time that some other members lives here. For whatever reason, "just showing up" does not work anymore. And what about the one we still need to get under the privacy act? Where do you go for that? Couldn't I just get the privacy act one from the Calgary Police without finger prints?
  9. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    Airdrie is only 20 minutes away from me, but when I contacted them, they said they will not help me as I live in Calgary. The reason for refusal according to them is simple - RCMP Privacy Act criminal check is only for people who have criminal records and have been pardoned. People who do not have a criminal record, cannot get a privacy act criminal check done, and in order to get the finger print criminal check done, you have to declare US Visa as the reason for it. That is what is causing issues here. If there is anyone here in Calgary who knows what to do, please let me know. I am at the NVC document submission stage and do not want to be rejected simply because I didnt have the right certificate to submit.
  10. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    Yes, NikLR, they do. However, they neither are doing finger prints, nor are they able to give the Privacy Act criminal check. They sent me to Commissionaires, who refused to do the certified criminal check with finger prints under the privacy act, because they said the RCMP told them NOT to do it, as it violates the Canadian privacy act. So I am confused to read all these people getting their checks done, but I dont know which ones and form where.
  11. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    Ok, so for someone who does not live in the RCMP jurisdiction, like myself (in Calgary), where do I go and what do I ask for? I contacted Commissionaires and they refused to do a certified criminal check under the privacy act. Where do I go for that? And where do I go for the finger-print based criminal check? It's time for me to submit the documents to the NVC and I want to be sure I have and am submitting the right documents. Please help, as there is too much divergent information being presented by so many people who might live in an area where they have agencies that can do it (or they live in RCMP jurisdictions). Thanks.
  12. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    I want to update people on here about this whole debacle with the "Certified Criminal Check" that NVC is asking for. I contacted RCMP and they told me that since I do NOT live in an RCMP jurisdiction (RCMP does not have jurisdiction in major cities), I have to go to my local police department for the criminal check. So I contacted the Calgary Police, and they said, "We do not do finger print criminal check and you have to go to a partner agency of RCMP to do those....we recommend Commissionaires". So I called the Commissionaires, and they said, "RCMP has told us NOT to do any of those certified criminal checks under the "Privacy Act", as those are supposed to be done ONLY for those individuals who have a criminal record and have been pardoned. For anyone who does not have a criminal record, a criminal check with finger prints CANNOT be obtained with the reason of "Privacy Act". Furthermore, the Commissionaires person said that RCMP has informed them to not just not do these checks, but also that they have lodged a complaint with the US Dept of State that they are asking for a document from Canadians that actually contravenes the rights of people here in Canada in some way (I don't know how)...basically meaning that the document they are asking for, from the people who are intending to immigrate, cannot be obtained because it does NOT apply to INNOCENT People who do not have a criminal record. So in order to prove that I have no criminal record, I have to get a document for myself that only is available for those who have a criminal record!! Long story short, RCMP, Calgary Police, AND Commissionaires have all refused to do the Certified Criminal Check with finger prints under the Privacy Act. Commissionaires guy said however, that if I wanted to get it done with US immigration Visa as the purpose/reason, they could do it. Otherwise, no. Someone please tell me how this makes sense, or what is the way out of it. We just got our NVC case number and paid our fees, so we havent submitted any documents yet. However, I understand that we do need to submit this certificate to the NVC in the coming days. So I want to be ready with it. If any of you have any idea as to what we could do, please do share. Thanks.
  13. Sonata Arctica

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    I contacted RCMP here in Alberta and they said that since I live in Calgary, they will not do any criminal checks and to go to my local police service. Besides, they dont even know anything about this new development. Oh Cana-duh!!!
  14. I wanted to ask whoever can help, in filling out certain sections on the I-864, a few questions: 1. My wife is in Canada, but will be moving back to the US before the interview. She can obviously not claim her Canadian income, so should she show her income on the I-864 as $0? Her US transcripts show her Canadian )foreign) income, but that cant be used for this purpose. 2. In the section about domicile, my understanding is that even if she is in Canada, she has to declare on the form that she has a US domicile, and provide supporting documents. Is this correct? 3. She has credit card statements and bank statements showing her US mailing address, and her tax transcripts for the last 3 years. She will get her US driver's license when she gets there, and hopefully a job as well. Will these items be enough to prove domicile to the NVC? I will have her driver's license, job and residential information when I go for my interview. Basically, what can we submit to the NVC to show her US domicile? 3. Since she will have zero US income when we send the documents to the NVC, we are using her father as a joint sponsor. He and her mom (they are married) file their taxes jointly. In their case, he is filling out the I-864 as the joint sponsor and her mom is filling out an I-864A. Her dad earns enough to be well above the poverty guidelines, so that is not a worry. He was self-employed for years until a month ago, but now works as an employee. What proof of income does he need to submit? I have his 3 years tax transcripts, but since his job is fairly new, he wont have many pay stubs. What else can be submitted? I was thinking an employment letter stating his salary or maybe a couple of recent pay stubs? 4. Should the sections in the I-864 that do not apply to us, be left blank or struck out or should we write N/A in each box that doesnt apply to us? Thanks, all.
  15. Sonata Arctica

    Fastest way to get Canadian police clearance certificate?

    I moved to Canada as a PR in 2002. Prior to that, I lived in Pakistan for 30 years. I was told that I dont need a police clearance certificate from Pakistan for the purposes of US immigration, as when I came to Canada, my Canadian PR (I am a Canadian citizen now) required a police clearance from Pakistan. And I have NEVER gone back to Pakistan since coming to Canada. Do I still need it then? And if so, how do I get it, since I neither have a Pakistani National ID card (mine expired decades ago) or a valid Pakistani passport. Thanks.