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  1. This is exactly how Infilled it and submitted it in the initial packet. Should I send it again?
  2. So do I need to send form I-864 again or not?
  3. Yes my spouse makes makes plenty on her own. Since we filed taxes jointly, do I need to include my work permit? I know my income is not considered but I am thinking that USCIS would be interested in knowing that my source of income was legal.
  4. Yes I legally made the income. I am an F-1 student and made that income working on campus at my college with a valid on campus work permit and paid my taxes.
  5. So we just received an RFE. My USC spouse makes about $38,000 annually. Last year she made about $35k and I made about $15k. Our combined income was about $50k. In the RFE its asking for W-2's, 1099's and tax schedules(if any). The RFIE also stated that her income did not meed 125% of Poverty line. I do not know how this could happen when we provided our 2016 IRS tax transcript, Letter of Employment and 3 pay-stubs in the initial filing. We have no problems sending them again. In fact, this time we are sending 2016 Tax return transcript W-2 for both my USC spouse and me Letter of Employment for spouse Last 6 months of pay stubs 1040 Form filed directly with IRS Do you think we need to resubmit form I-864? In Part 6, Question 19a, under The most recent gross adjusted income, we put $50k as we filed our taxes as married filling jointly. Do you think we need to put her "individual" income of $35k there as opposed to our total income since we filed together? I do not think we need to use assets or a joint sponsor since we make enough. Also, last year in May my wife switched jobs so she has 2 W-2's for last year. Is that OK? This is for a concurrent filing AOS.
  6. How long does it usually take for an AOS from F-1 based on marriage? Is it fairly quicker than say, K-1? Has anyone waited for an unusually long time(6 months plus)?