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  1. Hello, last year I sent my UK passport off for a name change. Course two days later I was offered the opportunity for a long weekend in Canada, which was annoying timing! Mine took around 3wks to be returned. Hope yours comes back soon, know it’s nerve racking being without it!
  2. My British colleague lives in US on an O1 visa. He has been advised by his lawyer that to get a green card, he will need to make a trip back to UK to get a medical done by the Knightsbridge London USCIS approved visa doctor, and then he will return a month or so later for his Green Card interview (so two return trips from US to UK, Knightsbridge had advised him to leave 2wks between the medical and interview, which is more than the 5 working days on their website). These two trips are necessary due to work commitments, as he will not be able to stay in UK for long enough to do both medical and interview in one go (although he could probably do just one trip if Knightsbridge were able to commit to sending the medical results within their usual 5x days). Our questions are… 1. He hasn’t had the required MMR vaccine, which from my experience I’ve flagged to him is done in two stages at least 28 days apart. He does not have time to have the first one now before having the second one during his medical in London. IF he has MMR 1/2 injection in London (therefore incomplete), will this cause any delay for getting his green card after the interview? Or does he need to figure out a new medical date to get MMR today in US and then have injection 2/2 during his medical in London? 2. He has lived in US for around 7 years, so will bring a letter from his US doctor stating he does not have any current medical issues. Does he also need to get a letter from his old UK doctor too (only this seems to be a new requirement for the UK medical, but I assume the wording of it being from your UK doctor is general as the majority of people attending this medical will be current UK residents)? Thank you very much!
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