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  1. Hey y’all. So I got rfe for I-485. Now I haven’t received the letter yet but I’m assuming it has to do with I-864. I came here on b2 in 2001. My husband is my sponsor. I have daca but I’m not currently working or haven’t worked in 2 years. So the icome we provided was his. We sent in our tax transcript. And I’m assuming they rfe because I failed to provide with supporting documents for the transcript. Like a w2 showing that when we filed jointly the income shown is just my husband. Now I have gathered all the documents so I can send when the letter arrives. My problem here is that my husband changed jobs in March which is when I sent my I-485. So when we filed and on I-864 it asks for jobs name for sponsor. I put the new job and was going to bring pay stubs to interview. But now that I’ve been rfe. Should I include the fact that from Jan-feb he was working at job shown on w2 March he was unemployed until he was hired at new job or should I just send what they want....which is the w2 to show whose income is on the transcript. Any help or even opinions would help. Thanks so much
  2. Hey y’all! Not sure if I’m putting this under the right forum but I live in the us and my husband (citizen) filed a Standalone I-130. I know most people do concurrent and the process is fairly simple. I don’t know many that have done a stand-alone and I’m not sure of the procedure after approval. My case went to Nebraska. If anyone has any insight to what will happen after approval I would appreciate the info. I’m mainly looking to see if Nebraska does the approval or will it get transferred to a local office to then get an interview for approval. And if no interview what happens to my case...how do I know to proceed with filing I-485. Thanks so much.