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  1. Hi. I had my citizenship interview May 7, 2019 and passed and did not have a formal I751 interview. My spouse was asked Are you the husband? He responded with Yes. The USCIS guy said That will do. I am now a US citizen with a passport. Good luck.
  2. Hello all, We started this journey May 2014 filing K-1 and it has ended today May 28, 2019 with oath ceremony at Atlanta Field Office. In and out about 2 hours. With help from VJ we had no RFE. We sent in small filing packages. One mistake that was made was when filing I-751 it was filled out early and printed. But during the next month before we mailed a new form revision was issued. Our was returned and we had to fill the new revision. Same exact looking form just the tiny new revision day. So, all this will end and now I will have to get a visa in my new passport so I can visit my Parents. HAHA !! Thanks for all. Max & Zhenai
  3. Hello, went to Atlanta field office today and passed English & Civics test. Sent upstairs and asked about the questions on the N-400 form--are a communist / are you a drunk/etc. The guy ate the second stage said he would take care of ROC!!!!!!/ Waiting for oath date. Thanks for all the help over the past 5 years.
  4. My I-400 interview is next month based on 3 year rule K-1 visa. We have not had an interview since initial K-1 in Cambodia. No RFE's. Just waiting time.. No letter requesting my husband to attend but he will be there anyway. What should we expect? Thanks
  5. Hi, I had my biometrics yesterday and this was performed at a strip mall next door to a BIG LOTS in Atlanta. The staff were all contractors - very friendly and efficient. In and out in 10 minutes. Also today I received notification on my USCIS on line account that they have received my biometrics and estimated wait time is 17 months. I filed N400 08/01/2018. I have not had ROC interview only extension of green card letters. No questions. Just passing along information. Thanks, M
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