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  1. After you get the greencard they are not relevant anymore.
  2. It's a strong indication if you are already married with that person. Financial stuff can change but a kid's parents are forever.
  3. I think child is much more string evidence than the house deed. You can add to house deed than remove later but child is forever.
  4. there are 3 mail notices. one says : card was mailed to me. second: was picked up by USPS and has tracking number. after it gets delivered it says it's delivered to me by the post office with tracking number. not everyone gets them all but for us there was a day of delay between 1st and 2nd. if you have informed delivery you can see the tracking number from preshipment during first message.
  5. We filed for wife on 9/11/2017, had 2 notices of case moving to another office. We had an interview on 2/28/2019 and got the card production ordered status on the system a couple hours later. The GC is supposed to be here tomorrow according to USPS tracking number. The extension letter was until 3/15/2019 so it worked out well. The interview was about how we live and places we visited with us bringing more evidence accumulated since the filing.
  6. No. There are many more I-751 interviews for this period. I think after the latest memos they will decrease again.
  7. Almost 4 years passed since you got your GC so you should have more evidence. They look for that and validity of your marriage. My wife and I we went one last week. She's a 9/2017 filer too.
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