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  1. I think the estimated completion date is just a formality for them. It'll change after your oath ceremony. In fact, it just goes away lol. In my case, my estimated completion date was August 2020 when i applied. But my oath ceremony was last month. My last update was 'we scheduled your naturalization ceremony...' And the day after my ceremony the' estimated completion date' just disappeared from my account:-)
  2. Did you bring proof of the payment plan? I was in the same position when I applied/interviewed for citizenship. The officer asked me about it and I explained that I was on a payment plan and that the money is automatically deducted from my account every month. I showed him the tax transcripts as well as my bank statements(where I highlighted the IRS deductions) and he was fine with that. If I was in your position, I'd appeal. This is assuming that you were denied because of the taxes you owe and not because you missed payments;-(
  3. Lol! I can imagine the officer yawning as they interviewed you. They all look so tired. Anyway, I got the final approval and my oath ceremony is scheduled. Yay!
  4. So I had my interview yesterday. There were so many people, it took 3 hours for me to to see an officer. I did get my interview letter only 4 months after filing so I guess the 3 hour wait was worth it. The officers were all grumpy and I just so happened to get the grumpiest one of them all. Very mean looking, he was telling me how he can't wait to get off work, and hopefully I don't take up too much of his time smh. He asked me several questions about my previous marriage so be prepared if you obtained your GC through marriage. At the end he gave me the form saying that my application has been recommended for approval but my status has not been updated yet.
  5. No notification, you just need to check. Mine took 2 days to show up in the documents section after I received the notification.
  6. Hi, I filed my application 3/22 (online) and my interview is scheduled for 8/21. Atlanta office. My estimated completion time is still showing 'April 2020' so I was very surprised when I received the interview letter.
  7. Interview scheduled for August 21st at the ATL office. 4 months after filing! Things are definitely picking up...
  8. Soo I was shocked when my case was updated with 'interview scheduled'. I applied early April(online) and the estimated completion time was 20 months at the time! My interview is scheduled for mid August. My case was not transferred but something is definitely happening if I went from 20 months to 5 months processing time. Atlanta office.
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