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  1. You can include either or, if you go the returns route you will need to include attachments, any schedules and W2s, or you could just request transcripts from the IRS.
  2. You need tax transcripts not tax returns, there is a difference. You can include either a letter from the bank stating what your balance is or the last few bank statements that show the account balance for each month.
  3. How is this making you rethink anything? It specifically says "If your beneficiary is currently in the United States" which your fiance isn't, so leave it blank.
  4. Nothing to panic about as long as you redid the forms and signed them with a more recent date. There is no such think as a due date, by that I'm guessing you are referring to the 90 days prior to the expiration date on your card.
  5. Yes, your husband will still need to submit all required documents even if he doesn't meet the minimum income requirements, his aunt will submit her own separate documents.
  6. Unfortunately this happened to more than 8,000 ROC filers between Feb and Apr of this year. All of those affected received a notice with paid envelope from USCIS requesting to send the card back and received a new one with the correct date. This does not mean that their database's expiration date is the same as the one printed on your card, it just means that someone made an error in the production department. If you don't receive a notice, fill out form I-90 and mail it back and you should receive a new one with the correct date.
  7. Some places allow kids to receive their mother's name if the biological father was not in the picture when they were born. A way to prove would be with a DNA test.
  8. Your should have gotten the DS-3025 when you did your medical examination. Since you don't have verifying all the vaccines you received you will need to see your nearest civil surgeon and get the I-693 completed to submit with your AOS. The Civil Surgeon will decide which vaccines you get based on age and any documentation you bring.
  9. Yes, download and print I-693, and go to civil your nearest Civil Surgeon.
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