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  1. May 31, 2022- Required to submit Petitioner’s Copy of Birth Certificate, since my authentic copy was issued by the old agency NSO, now PSA. (Note to Filipinos that’s about to petition or planning to process any kind of immigration purposes, get a new copy of any certificate, that has a PSA logo, so it won’t cause delay.
  2. 3 months after, NVC check documents march 17,2022 requiring me to submit updated I846 & I846A since the old forms will only be accepted til April 2022, how long now?🙄
  3. My mom’s paper was approved Dec 13, 2021, 11 months after filing. After a year, still on processing. Submitted all the required attachments from me as petitioner & my beneficiary…waiting game again😉.
  4. Filed petition last January 14, and as of February 12, uscis reviewed the documents submitted online application. What’s next after this?
  5. It would be best to apply for his/her own certificate of citizenship cause when they applied for a specific jobs, they are required to produce a copy of Naturalization. Both of my boys are derevatives of mine (K1) they were 16 & 14 Yrs old At that time, (4yrs ago). My eldest (16) appeared at USCiS For oath taking ceremony, probably 15 below is not required, as to my youngest (14), certificate was sent to our home address and not required to appear. In gods grace, both applied to be a servicemen, eldest is now Army and my youngest will start Navy training after high school graduation( 2021) they are Asked to submit a copy of proof of their certificate citizenship. Who knows what requirements will be asked later? But be ready.
  6. Any January filer for alien relative? A while ago I submitted my online application for my mother. Hoping this year would be a pleasant start for all of us.
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