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    I met my husband on Facebook. He sent me a message in April but I waited until May to respond. We were just friends at the time and I really enjoyed talking to him. We talked about many different things - life, dreams, families, culture, etc. We would spend hours chatting but it only seemed like minutes because we enjoyed each others company. When he asked me to be his girl, I thought he was kidding. But little did I know that he was very serious and persistent. When i finally caved in, he was so happy and at that moment I realized I was just as happy. We spent more time sending messages, calls, video calls, and emails. When he asked me to marry him, I wanted to say yes at first, but my mind wouldn't let me. My heart won and I accepted his proposal and then started planning my trip to Lagos. I originally was going to wait until 2013 to make my first trip but as things got more intense and as our connection deepened, I moved the trip to the end of 2012, then September and finally settled on August. We got married on the 9th of August. I was so surprised and touched that his family treated me like I was already apart of the family. It was the best 3 weeks of my life and I can't wait to get back to him next year. I never thought I would meet anyone on Facebook or be in a long distance relationship or fall in love so quickly. He makes me very happy and our love for each other is very deep. I feel like a teenager with her very first crush. He makes me feel so good that I wonder if I'm being bad! Its good that we are married!!!

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  1. Waiting for the medical results is driving me crazy. They keep telling hubby they will call when they have them. I tell hubby call them everyday.

    1. ErinO


      Jus relax ok..I knw the feeling. They will surely call when it's ready. Goodluck and don't worry too much. Our God gat this!

    2. srloring13


      Ty. I needed to hear that.

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