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  1. I appreciate the love that some of the Nigerian couples show each other on this website! I usually dont like making friends on the internet but having people who understands the battle of just wanting to start a family with the one you love and who loves you too is very comforting. Feeling sentimental this week.

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    2. Dana and Divine

      Dana and Divine

      LOL...My baby went to the interview, practically without shoes! I told him he was just standing on Holy Ground and God wanted him to take off his shoes and worship a little before he got to the gate!

    3. QueenE


      Lol Im really happy for you that it worked out!and good quick thinking telling him to get on a bike. I probably would of just cried the whole time. My fiance's appointment is at 7 im going to tell him to start leaving around 4:30

    4. Dana and Divine

      Dana and Divine

      Yes, and remind him this is not the time to do his Nigerian procrastination rituals! Make a plan and stick with it!