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    Douglas Custodio got a reaction from velrich in I-130 and General Green Card Question   
    You should apply for a tourist visa if you're not willing to move permanently there. But your wife might have problems with the application because she overstayed a visa before.
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    Douglas Custodio got a reaction from kg8183 in False checklist?   
    I received this same checklist after receiving a RFE for our Affidavit of Support. I sent the AOS and IV packets on the same day, the packets got there together, still they were analyzed four days apart. AOS first and we got a RFE, IV packet four days later , and we got this checklist.
    I believe it's normal.
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    Douglas Custodio got a reaction from maziid.je in still waiting NVC reply!   
    They take a little over a week to answer emails. Better to wait 20-30 minutes on the line as ask to an operator. I called early in the morning (first 10 minutes) and waited only 5 minutes. I had this luck when I called late at night (the last half hour)
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    Douglas Custodio got a reaction from Kazulie in Omg!!!! Jus received this email like now!!!!! What could this mean? Interview date on its way???   
    I received the same email on October 4th. A week later (October 12th) I got my interview date! November 30th! Now it's just wait!
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    Douglas Custodio got a reaction from Asia in Cr-1 denied   
    Living in Mexico is not an option?!
    I think he will have a really hard time trying to be approved now that he tried to cross illegally and was deported.
    Only a lawyer could help. Keep looking and maybe you will find one that is willing to help, but I believe it will cost you a good amount of money.
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    Douglas Custodio reacted to MedRoni in Cr-1 denied   
    Your family may not want you and your baby to leave, but what do you and your husband want?
    You may need to eventually face that moving there may be your only option to be together.
    I do wish you guys the best of luck!!
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    Douglas Custodio got a reaction from NikLR in Where to i write my check to?   
    Specific information about how to write a check to Homeland Security: Paying Immigration Fees
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    Douglas Custodio got a reaction from Peace_Seeker in DS 230   
    No, you will only need to send the originals of your civil documents. They will be returned to you at the interview.
    If the consulate where you are going to be interviewed needs more information they will ask you by email prior to your interview date.
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