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  1. You listed your "wife received birth certificate."  Why did she get a birth certificate?  Did she get a new birth certificate after becoming a citizen?

  2. They've cashed the check but my husband's application isn't showing up. How long after they cashed the check did you receive notification of the passport in the system?
  3. My husband passed and is now a US Citizen but I wanted to tell those who are still waiting that visa journey timeline was right on the money. However, in August, we called USCIS and the representative gave us a bogus timeline. In August, he told use we had 10 more months to go and the Baltimore office had no appointments available. Two months after the call we got notice of my husband’s interview. I learned later that Baltimore has a timely processing time and quick turnaround for oath ceremonies. We had the oath ceremony 3 days after my husband’s interview. Visa journey timeline is the best one to go by. Good luck everyone.
  4. Congratulations!!! My husband passed this past Monday and had the oath ceremony 3 days later (yesterday). He is an US Citizen. Baltimore, MD has regular scheduled ceremonies. So happy to be through this process.
  5. My husband recently passed his naturalization test. We arrived at 7:30AM. They called his name at 8:00am. He was finished by 8:15am. He was given his oath ceremony date as well, which happens in a couple of days. He said that he was asked the following 6 questions: 1. What is the "rule of law"? 2. How old do citizens have to be to vote for President? 3. What major event happened on September 11, 2001 in the United States? 4. What ocean is on the West Coast of the United States? 5. Why does the flag have 13 stripes? 6. What is the name of the national anthem? He had his interview at the Baltimore, MD office.
  6. Thank you all for your input. However, I am happy to report we passed! Oath ceremony in a couple of days. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. Some of them were really funny as usual. Visa Journey never disappoints.
  7. It’s not an assumption. It was based on a lawyer’s statement about what happened with his client. I was just asking had anyone experienced the same in another office. No assumption.
  8. It’s not part of the required documents that’s my point. It is out of the norm when other evidence was provided. It was an excuse to prolong the process for that couple. I
  9. It’s simple but if it wasn’t a requirement before the interview that means more time and another day of dealing with this process when you’ve done everything that was expected. Simple is relatively if that’s not being asked by everyone.
  10. Ok great! Thank you for the quick response.
  11. Once you sign the papers and take the oath does they eventually send you a new US Passport? If so, when you go for the interview do I need to take in passport pictures just is case or should I have done that with the initial N-400 application?
  12. Ok, cool beans. I saw on a youtube video from a lawyer, in St Louis, Mo, said his client was asked to submit mail with his address on it. He said his clients provided all the other documentation taxes, marriage license, bank statements, etc. but the agent asked about mail. The lawyer said this was the second time he heard of agents requesting items outside of the norm and so his client's application is pending. It was not approved on the day of the interview.
  13. Preparing for my upcoming interview. Wondering if anyone has experience with the Baltimore, MD field office? Is it a straight forward process: Sworn in to tell the truth, asked about N-400 application, asked 10 civic questions, writing, and reading test? Are they trying to find ways to fail certain people? I read on a review that they asked the person questions back to their K-1 application when he was their for his N-400.
  14. Getting ready for interview. I have my documents & studied the questions, Do they usually ask questions about information you submitted on your K-1 application (I saw this on a review)? Can I expect to be sworn in, review N-400 application, answer 10 civic questions, writing and reading test or have they started doing other things to prevent people from passing?