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  1. Medical exam at St. Luke's last Nov.5-6.The saddest result was i need sputum collection for 3 days Nov.12,13,14 very depressing and unbelievable for us cos i know im healthy.Takes few days until we accepted but God hear our prayers all the time,for my smear result last Nov.15 was NEGATIVE all my worries and sadness turn to big SMILE and HAPPINESS in my face.We cancelled my interview for Nov.28 cos we need to wait 8 weeks for my culture result.GOD help us

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    2. TatTot


      stay strong michelle, those are just trials along the way and I'm sure you can both get through it :) time is running so fast. God bless!

    3. Misha♥Jeff


      @malene thank you,YES that's true,we need to be strong and never give up.everybody here cant wait the day we dreaming for,to be together with our fiance's and husbands.

    4. Misha♥Jeff


      @TatTot i will thank you so much,yes we always pray for God's help.Godbless you and your visa process.