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    Outside the Embassy is controlled chaos. There were a lot of lines and none of them are marked and in the time I was standing there (we had an appointment with USCIS, so we were in a different line) I could not tell what each line was for. Around 7am they start letting people in. You can't take any electronic devices inside, so leave them in the car or check them at the table by the door. You also cannont take any water bottles, lotions, liquids of any kind, etc. inside. You'll go through a security checkpoint, where you have to remove your belt if you have one, so be prepared for that. Then you go outside and to the left. In that building you go through a metal detector again, but they are much more lax about it. Then you go into the waiting room on the left and wait, wait, wait until they call your name. You can hear them talk to the people at the windows if you sit close enough, which is interesting to me. They call names on a PA system and direct them to a window. It's got great air conditioning, so take a sweater if you get cold easily. And take a snack too. You might have to wait for a long time.
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    Wake up extra early to get to the embassy by or before 7am
    Stand in line outside.
    Check your cell phones before entering the security check point
    Go through 2 security check points
    Someone will instruct your fiance to have a seat and wait to be called.
    Gets called the first time for fingerprints
    Called again to the window to hand in any new evidence and they may ask some questions about your case to prepare your file for the interview
    Wait. wait and more waiting...you can hear interviews being done
    There is a tv and clean bathrooms
    Bing! Called again interview time!
    Best of luck.

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    Laura and Ferlay reacted to Hy Vong in Stock And The Engagement Ring   
    Everyday I talk on the phone with her, we text alot too. Each day she calls to wake me up for work, each day after work I call her up for her to go to work and to ask her how her English class is doing because she is taking an English class after work.
    Ever since I sent my I-129F form, I try to check the USCIS website each day to see the status. It's been 95 days.
    Now I want to invest in this stock and the goal is to earn enough for the simple engagement ring but it means alot because now til i go back there in about 2 months, each day I'll have to follow with the stock and to make my decision to earn the amount for this ring.
    Last month it was her birthday, I sent her a birthday gift but I also notice she really likes to eat apple. So what I did, I bought an apple tree and asked my work place if I can plant it on the side of my company, they let me plant this apple tree and I planted on her birthday. Each day I go to work, I water it and I tell her that when she arrives in the U.S., I'll show her the tree and when the tree bares fruit, which is around 2 years, she'll get to eat it and eat it many years to come.
    Here is the apple tree that I bought and planted at work last month, on her birthday.

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    Laura and Ferlay reacted to Cathi in Stock And The Engagement Ring   
    I think what you're doing in the name of love is very sweet. To those of you who say he cannot buy a big diamond for this price need to understand it isn't about how much it costs or how big it is, it is the thought and love that goes into it.!!! My husband did not get me an engagement ring, and I could care less, I married him because I love him not for what he can or cannot put on my finger. Congrats Hy, I am sure she will love the ring no matter what!!!
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    Laura and Ferlay reacted to Cathi in Stock And The Engagement Ring   
    Everything in life is a gamble!!! This man is doing this for his fiance and I think by far it is one of the sweetest posts I have seen on this site.
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    Laura and Ferlay got a reaction from Kiv69 in Failed to get married K1   
    hmmmm...sounds a little fishy to me, but who am I to judge. You provided two stories, or posts that contradicts itself. But case in point, you dont get married...GO home.
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    Laura and Ferlay reacted to aayitrun in Facebook - Make or Break Your Case?   
    i am going to assume that you are just mis-informed or unable to articulate well.
    the government is trying to protect the country from terrorists. not muslims. because terrorists have no religion. it is sad that we continue to mix the two. we dont call all caucasions nazis because the nazis were light colored. similarly over 90% of muslims are peace loving.
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    Laura and Ferlay reacted to KayDeeCee in evidence of ongoing relationship-   
    No problem if it says 'soon-to-be' or 'future' husband/wife. My husband and I signed letters and cards like that to each other. It only matters if you are saying it in present tense, as if they already are your spouse.
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    Laura and Ferlay reacted to Inky in Travelling internationally with an expired passport?   
    You cannot fly internationally on an expired passport. Its required to have at least 6 months valid left on it to travel internationally and if you don't they stop you.
    A green card is NOT an international travel document. It only lets you into the USA. You must have a valid passport to travel.
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