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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread but I have a question I hope someone can answer. All we have is a case number number on the paper NVC send us, no IN number. How are we suppose to log into the payment portal and pay the fees and send in the the required documents?
  2. Congratulations. My family member who got that waiver reconsideration email in June is still waiting for it to be approved. Her interview however was Nov. 17 so maybe they’re working in that order. Congrats again.
  3. Im a US citizen born and raised and I applied for an ir1, but thank you for your answers. 👍🏼
  4. Yes it is on the travel ban. But cases are moving along nonetheless. Another question. The grandson of the petitioner who is listed in this petition just recently married a US citizen. Can she file for him or how does this work?
  5. Thank you for your reply. Does NVC tell us when the next step happens. What is the need of consistently checking the visa bulletin? (not being sassy, genuinely wondering)
  6. I’m trying to help a friend figure out how long it would be to bring their married son and children over. The priority date is Janruary 31 2007 and it’s a F3 category in Yemen. i calculated this into this site I found and it said it would be another 8 year wait but on the visa bulletin it says they’re already on Jan. 8, 2007
  7. Both interviewed mid November 2017.
  8. For a few of my family members, they got that waiver consideration email back in end of May/beginning of June and one of them (17 year old) was told to redo medical, dropped off his passport and already received his visa about 10 days ago and the other has redone the medical and waiting for them to tell her to drop off her passport. The visas they’re giving out don’t expire fast like before so inshallah the kids get their visas soon so they can come in with the mother. Alhamdullah there’s hope for everyone because. I honestly thought that’s it, they’re not giving anyone anything. Sure it’s takes way longer but there’s hope at the end of the tunnel. Yes, they ask for passports to print visas.
  9. Her kids didn’t even get an email saying they are reviewing their eligibility for a waiver?
  10. From what I know Julie only used a few names in the case but apparently if the judge rules with them it means it applies to everyone who got an approval notice before the ban went into effect. You can ask maktab marhaba to be sure because this is just heresay.
  11. Does does anyone know what’s going on with Julie’s lawsuit? We were told it applies to everyone who got an approval before the ban went into effect even if they didn’t apply with her or pay her for it. Anyone know if this is true? Update on my family members in Djbouti: Mom and son interviewed in November 2017 before the ban and got approval notices. Son’s name was on the list released by the embassy to redo the medical. He did and got his visa approximately 10 days after. Mother was told by the councilor to wait some more for hers, she will get it but it’s gonna take a little more time that her son’s visa did. It’s been 2 weeks, still nothing.
  12. I have family who were in the first list and people I know. After they did the medical they were called to the embassy to drop off their passport in order for them to print the visa. But after the medical they called and told us to “close the ds260,” so that held them up for a few days. I couldn’t figure out what the meant but when I went back into the online forms portal and clicked on the ds260 it prompted me to sign and date it. That’s all it was. So if anyone is asked to do a medical I would suggest you do the same to the ds260 so you don’t have to wait longer.
  13. They aren’t gonna be sent an email to redo their medical, the embassy calls them for that. Did they get a waiver consideration email? I don’t think there’s much they can do. They aren’t letting anyone get a medical unless your name is on the list that the embassy provides.
  14. Their status won’t change until they issue the visa. I have family who have gotten that waiver email and only one them were asked to go redo their medical so a visa can be issued. But yeah you definitely need to email the embassy and tell them that the email address listed is no longer in use, because that’s how they tell you about the waiver consideration.
  15. The email the embassy is sending out seems like anyone who interviewed before May 2018, whether they got a denial notice or waiver email, have hope and they will review their case again. “On May 1, 2018, Embassy Djibouti began to review the waiver eligibility of applicants whose visas were refused before May 1, 2018 to ensure all applicants had their waiver eligibility assessed consistent with our waiver criteria. If your application was refused before May 1, 2018, there is nothing you need to do at this time.”