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    US citizen applied for an expedited IR1 visa for my wife now in Administrative processing.

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  1. Thank you brother. Hopefully it won’t be long because it’s an expedited case, and they update the case everyday except the days the embassy is closed. I noticed on your timeline that you were also in administrative processing for almost 2 months. Did you contact the embassy during those 2 months?
  2. Is there anyone in this thread that had their case expedited due to medical conditions before they got to the interview from USCIS and NVC?
  3. It’s only been five days for me and I’m going crazy. I Can’t imagine going through 3 years in this situation. That sucks, hope you get issued soon. Did USCIS and NVC expedite your case before it got to the embassy? Are you contacting them? what do they tell you?
  4. No he did not. This is was the paper the CO gave us after the interview.
  5. I applied for an Ir1 visa for my wife. Our case have been expedited through USCIS and NVC due to our sons medical condition who is in the US. We just had our interview at the embassy on January 6th 2019, and the officer told us that that all documents are complete and he doesn’t need anything else at the moment. He also said that my case will be rejected due to the travel ban (my wife the applicant is from Yemen) but they will review if she qualifies for a waiver. I said thank you for your help and left the embassy. On that same day I checked the case on CEAC and it said REFUSED the next day it swiched to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. It’s been 6 days since the interview and they’ve updated the “ Case Last Updated ” a few times as shown below. Janurary 2019 6th: REFUSED casE last updated— 06-JAN-2019 7th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—07-JAN-2019 8th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—08-JAN-2019 9th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—09-JAN-2019 10th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING Case last updatd—10-JAN-2019 11th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—10-JAN-2019 I need your your guyses help on how long does it normally take for an EXPEDITED case due to medical condition take to get through AP, and if there’s anyone going through this or has gone through it?