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  1. You do it when everything is normal again. They don’t even let you make appointment for low priority services like updating your status anyway.
  2. Unfortunately, n600 isn’t issued derivatively. It will cost you arm and leg. You can do passport now and apply for n600 later when she grows up.
  3. It is completely normal, it will come in no time.
  4. Embassy knows what’s going on, you don’t have to push them. They will contact you when the backlogged files are cleared, don’t expect it fast after the bans are gone.
  5. No need for a certificate, you and your daughter can schedule an appointment for passports now.
  6. Sometimes A# is changed due to status change (some international students report that) I would input the old Alien Number, it helps to locate your file easier. Good luck.
  7. Every cases are different, your background check can be pending. Your case is completely normal as your local office is processing cases as of Nov 2018. Be patient.
  8. If the interview letter for i-751 then it is not combo, i-751 interview requires spouse presence. Interview letter for n-400 when i-751 is pending then it is combo.
  9. No one can't tell you how long it takes to reschedule at your local office. Just reschedule it, and once you get new date you can always fly back in time.
  10. I-130 is your form no matter what. i944 is your spouse’s form, not yours. With your health right now, it is better to get well first and you might need help from a immigration service.
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