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  1. They must have biometrics info current so they went ahead and issue the cards. I-131 only status is usually "case was received" anyways, even it was approved so no need to worry.
  2. Your assets are irrelevant in her application. A Japan visa short time before her US visa interview can't be worse.
  3. You need to call the 800 number to schedule an infopass. You need to be proactive, don't wait for their call.
  4. You made a grave mistake not showing on your interview even someone called you. I assume that phone call might not be for you but for someone's case the officer works on. Or it was for you indeed, but your files got there before your actual inteview date, and they didn't let you know. But you always need to show at the interview date, just to be safe. But it happened already so you need to get yourself together to figure out what happened. Do you still have the number that called you? If yes, you can call to schedule an infopass to talk to that officer. If you don't have that number, chance is that they don't take your words for it. NO SHOW is your fault no matter what, they never took responsibility for it. The worst case is that you need to file I-485 again ASAP, don't waste money on Appeal.
  5. Once you get your greencard, joint sponsor is not a key point anymore.
  6. You can start an I-130 for him with the marriage certificate. Good luck.
  7. How did you get your green card? When did you get married to him? Before or after you migrated here?
  8. Spend more time in person, getting married on first meeting is not a bright idea.
  9. No one can tell you how long an AP can last. Please update what your country is.
  10. My aunt came on Oct 1st, 2019 and we only received SSN. No signs of green card yet.
  11. You will have a chance to correct almost everything at the interview. Good luck.
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