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  1. They all have answer like this. It depends on Embassy/ Consulate so you still have to wait once it reaches there.
  2. They are waiving your interview but they needed something to do so. Send them more evidences, and you might not have to go to an interview.
  3. Becuase the Application Support Centers are closed so they cannot capture your biometrics. USCIS might use a different agent for background checks so that’s why they couldn’t use your old captures.
  4. Application Support Centers are set to reopen at July 20, but due to backlogged applications you might experience longer wait. And with all messy situations right now, you can’t expect a EAD soon. If you care for your Mom, find a way to come back to see her, and follow spousal visa later. It is your choice 100%, you would have to pick what is more important to you.
  5. National Visa Center is operating as normal. The embassies / consulates close. And no one can tell you when they will reopen.
  6. All of my applications didn't have personal affidavits. Good luck.
  7. All they do is to fill in your information, check and mail your package. If you need real help, find an immigration legal office.
  8. Someone is just got approved for EAD without biometrics, so chance they use old captures for background check.
  9. Hold attorneys accountable? You must be fun at parties. Before you deal with attorneys, you always need to sign some no-guarantee agreements. You don’t trust people here, then why are you here?
  10. All you can do is to find a good family attorney to divorce her promptly. You can't control her immigration process at this point, sorry for your problem.
  11. Yes is the answer. class of admission: B2 You can use her information to request for i-94. “At which office” = N/A
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