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  1. Why not, breaching the National Labor Relations Act is a federal offense? You only really see unions get in the news when they become too powerful for their, or the public good (Read Teachers and Police Unions). I don't understand why liberals seem to think that Bezos supports them in any shape or form. Just because he is the enemy of Trump doesn't automatically make him anything other than what he is, a gluttonous profiteer who would stab his own mother if it would increase his revenues.
  2. The impeachment trials are completely immaterial to this sort of lawsuit. First of all, the impeachment hearings are a political kangaroo court where you had 1/4 of the jurors (Trump apologist senators) meeting with the defense lawyers to strategize. Second, this is a civil lawsuit, and a federal one at that, which is far different from the Perry Mason episodes you're thinking of. The rules are different, and the standard of proof to convict is much less than a criminal case. That being said, I don't think they will get any judgment on Trump or his campaign. Perhaps the domestic terrorist proud boys and oathkeepers.
  3. Back when conservatives didn't care about what people did in the privacy of their own homes, or with whom, and liberals weren't so obsessed with regulating everything. Too bad Nixon was a narcissist who wasn't content with just winning by a landslide, no, it had to be a historical event for his ego.
  4. Nixon. I won't judge a Biden Administration on three weeks worth of work. I'm not in favor of several of his policies, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for a year or so.
  5. I think the way he posted his ham fisted facebook rant was a terrible way to get this message out. But I think it does lead to a good point. Communities should be free to build their own microgrids. Then you don't have to rely on federal or state governments to maintain and upgrade the power needs.
  6. Then you obviously misunderstood just about everything he said. He's the one who converted the religious and political warriors, and saw boogeymen around every corner. Not saying that the left is any better, but let's not pretend that Rush was a real conservative. He was an ultra wealthy plutocrat who sold his conservative bona fides to the ultra wealthy overlords so that he could somewhat join them (He was worth nearly $700m). Not that there is anything wrong with being wealthy, but when your wealth is derived from government contracts and deregulation that only serves you and your buddies, then you are no better than the lefties who want to give money to all the poor and immigrants. I hope he is at peace, and I won't wish any ill will upon him, but American politics are a much better place without him. Now if only HIllary, Mitch, Donald, Pelosi and all the rest of the hypocrites would leave politics, we could actually pare down this government to what it was intended to be, without all the largesse via pork spending.
  7. To be honest, the last 8 presidents have been objectively terrible, from an economic, as well as foreign and domestic policy standpoint. They have turned this country over to the ultra wealthy, both liberal and conservative, and leveraged their support by bending over for the ultra religious zealots. There is way too much support for religion, and socialism in this country.
  8. From a practical standpoint, I would think that Senators Cruz and Cornyn along with Gov. Abbot should be requesting FEMA support and federal aid. I know Texas and it's citizens like to believe the fairy tale that they are super independent, but the fact is that per capita, Texas receives more money than California. They are amongst the bottom 10 states in terms of dollars paid to received from the federal government. Or is Texas just going to double down on their ineptitude and continue to let their dilapidated infrastructure continue to crumble, allowing more people to die due to the incompetence of the state government?
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