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    Know_Ledge got a reaction from JimmyHou in Applying for Citizenship with I-551 Stamp   
    The new green card was not needed. I showed the interviewing officer my current temporary stamp, my old green card and the letter stating that my card was not returned to USCIS as undeliverable. He said it was okay.
    They took the old green card at the naturalization ceremony.
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    Know_Ledge got a reaction from Rebecca Jo in Inappropriate Job Interview Questions   
    Just to update you guys, I was called back for a second interview a week later.....I DECLINED!! I would never work for a company like that.
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    Know_Ledge got a reaction from special4ever in Approved after 2 months - Thanks VJ and its members   
    happy wife, happy life....
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    Know_Ledge got a reaction from NY_BX in What to wear to AOS Interview?   
    I got this from a book, that focused on AOS interviews and preparation:
    "At any given interview, be it job or immigration, non verbal mode of communication says alot about who you are. The examiner will surely factor your physical appearance into his perception of you. As you know, firsts impression lasts a long time. Please put on clothing that will make you look responsible. For example, if you appear before an examiner with your pant drawn down like most teenagers, it will surely affect the perception of the examiner. The examiner might doubt your marriage, because your appearance does not support the responsible role of a husband. Therefore, if you appear like a hooligan or a thug, you may not get the favorable result you desire and deserve. You would have helped the examiner to conclude wrongly. Be moderate, neat and presentable".
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    Know_Ledge got a reaction from beejay in Result of Stokes Interview   
    THANK YOU GUYS!! I will be sharing my interview questions soon, hope it can help another couple
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    Know_Ledge got a reaction from Darnell in i-864/864a General Question & #24 Question   
    Well if it makes you feel more comfortable and safe, then your dad can file the i-864a. It would probably be a good thing too and it doesn't hurt to send it. Atleast they will see that your wife has 3 sponsors and will not become a public charge.
    You will fill out i-864 with just your info(income )
    Your mom will fill out i-864 with her income(#23&24 and your dads info in 24b)
    Your dad will fill out i-864a
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