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  1. It's starting to sound like they just either didn't know the full process for the visa & thought the initial approval was all they needed or thought it could be completed here. I'm going to guess with the denial they're now out of status.
  2. Never implied they were. He had no choice but to go, no idea what the military says about dependents on orders. They also weren't told they had to do everything in Germany.
  3. She's from England, they were stationed in Germany - on post housing - for 8ish years. I presume since they were all on his orders they all had to go - correct me if I'm wrong, my own husband and I weren't married during his military career.
  4. Only 1 is. Airforce gave orders, they had no choice.
  5. PCS - permanent change of station. They were sent on orders back to the US. Couldn't stay in Germany. No idea on the last part.
  6. She said everything - birth certificates, hubby's decree absolute, their marriage certificate. They sent those in Feb, they were signed for, but USCIS say they don't have them.
  7. They were stationed in Germany. Husband is Airforce. Their I-130 was approved just before they received orders to PCS back to Ohio. Thanks for the advice, I'll let her know. She'll be relieved there's at least something they can do.
  8. Hey, asking for a friend - she's too beside herself to create an account atm. They filed their I-130 back in Germany in September - approved. PCS'ed back to the US with the kids, when they got here they were told they couldn't AOS in the US and had to go back to Germany as that's where they started the process. Paid $3k for her and the kids to AOS in the US anyhoo. Their petition & documents were signed for on arrival in February then they heard nothing until today and it was a flat out denial for not sending the documents with the petition. No RFIE, nothing. Do they have any options at this point?
  9. Also, if you can't obtain insurance some OBGYN's offer self pay discounts and you can put the bills on to a payment plan. And per US taxes - if you're not a resident alien you aren't subject to the US tax penalty for not having insurance. AOS pending doesn't count.
  10. You can apply for market place insurance in Washington, we did before I had my GC and were approved. You'll need to call the Washington exchange to do it though, since you don't have the proof of residency required (GC) and there's no space to say your AOS is pending. Be aware though, there is a time limit to how long they'll let you keep the insurance without providing your GC. Not sure if they'll extend it whilst your application is processing since we never had that issue - our AOS was done in 4 months. You'll also have to use your WA address.
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