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    we were born for eachother and we know that since we first met when we were just teenagers <3

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  1. VJ is full of low bums that spend their time collecting hearts wanting to be a smarta$$ but they fail big time. if your parteners leave you cause you're lame dont take revenge on us.

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    2. DeeDee&Sam


      not about the discrimination (its ok we're not the only ones LOL ) but about the useless things they say to other people, not only to us, insulting comments without any foundation, like you said once, to collect hearts. i feel so sorry for them i wonder if they have any real life other than trolling VJ :/

    3. KittyPollitt


      Whatever you do, do not threaten their life. It will get your account locked for some time. Trust me on this one :P

    4. DeeDee&Sam


      hahaha no reason. i can shut them up telling them to eat a bag of dicks XD jesusssss that was too awsome