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    Well, lets see.. I've been a computer nerd since the early 90's, I met my very first boyfriend on a dial up chat BBS before the world wide web existed.. So, when I met Moulay Idriss on Facebook in 2008 on a fan page for a Moroccan rap group we both like, it was no big deal for me to feel a connection to him very early on.
    I stalked him online for months, I thought he was gorgeous, and in Feb of 2009, I traveled to Morocco to meet him. Sparks flew, a child was conceived, and I returned to the States to incubate and prepare to file for a K1 visa.
    I had to wait 16 months for my divorce to finalize (waiting 16 months to end a 4 month marriage can be a little frustrating, especially when carrying another man's kid), but in Feb 2010, I finally was able to file, and moved to Morocco to wait out the interview with our then 3 month old daughter.
    Say what you will about our relationship and it's unconventional circumstances, I love my chubby wubby, long haired, nerdy Moroccan man.

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  1. So I've read suggestions about a thread like this getting started.. Usually threads I start die horrible deaths, I hope that's not the case with this one, because those of us going through the consulate at Casablanca need support from each other, and to hear some positive stories. I'm hoping we get some GOOD news in this thread. We're waiting right now for Casa to send us a packet 3. They've had our file since the 31 May. I called them last week and was told they haven't scheduled an interview for him yet. I know there are a few interviews coming up in the next two weeks for VJ people at Casa. We're praying for everyone who goes through Casa that things go well and the tide turns there.. Please let us all know what's going on so we can compare notes.. Thanks Sarah