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  1. Most definitely. I had seen from looking at the other months that they are still working on ppl who filed back in February.
  2. You would file for adjustment of status and if you wanted or had plans to travel outside of the country while everything is processing, you would need to apply for what is called Advance Parole, when you apply for your work permit. You can send everything in when you file for your AOS. this link will give you more information:
  3. that's what always confused me. That's where I saw it and until today, I thought that was accurate. Learn something new everyday 😉
  4. Always thought the NOA1 was the Notice Date? Nobody has corrected me. So the NOA1 is when they received it. I will take note of that. Sorry Timeline Updated... 😄
  5. I noticed the emails with the approval estimate keep getting later and later. Is it just going by average ppl are updating their timeline on when they get approved I am assuming? That email feature wasn't here when I last filed so I'm just guessing.
  6. Me too. I haven't seen mine other than video chat since Feb 29th. Sucks. I wanted to go back in Oct. Flights are cheap but being stuck in a hotel room in Philippines quarantining myself for possibly 2 wks doesn't sound fun and I would only be able to stay for a total of 3 wks
  7. Well said! It sucks sometimes not knowing but it's best to not set your expectations too high and end up being disappointed.
  8. Your fine. Lewisville, TX is if you send it like next day or any type of expedited type of mail.
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