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US Immigration from Zimbabwe

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Nonimmigrant changed to Immigrant on CEAC
1:29 pm May 7, 2022


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Hey everyone,

I know that the K1 visa is supposed to be a nonimmigrant visa, but it seems that over the last month or so that my case has been in Refused status awaiting 221g it has now changed from "nonimmigrant" to "immigrant" on the CEAC website. Is this something that happens?

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Sending Visa documents via DHL
4:07 pm March 31, 2022


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So we finally got the Police Clearance we needed for our visa to be approved and we just need to ship it to the embassy via DHL. Now suddenly we have yet another problem. DHL requires us to send them information before we can drop off with them. They asked for the following:

- Applicant Name and Surname

- Passport Number

- E-mail address

- Phone contact details

- DHL office where passport will be dropped off at, and Consulate where passport will be delivered to.

- The Consulate that the passport needs to be collected from and DHL office where passport needs to be delivered to for collection by applicant.

We provided the info and now it has been 3 days with no reply. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a long wait just to register with DHL? What should we expect? Should we try to speak to someone or just continue waiting?

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Travel to Another Country Before the US?
10:27 pm March 21, 2022


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After receiving the K1 visa, can the beneficiary travel to another country before going to the United States, or do they have to go straight to the United States? My fiancee is from Zimbabwe, but is waiting on her visa in South Africa. She needs to go back to Zimbabwe before going to the US to finish some things.

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EAD (And AOS) Taking A While...
3:01 pm March 21, 2022



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My wife and I have been keeping track of the timelines our fellow K1 immigrants are posting and the USCIS processing times. We have seen some I-485's that were filed after us (June 2021) that have received their EAD's already, and we (especially my wife) are getting anxious! We know that we are within the normal processing time from USCIS - we are looking for some comfort! Like did we get lost in the system? Haha...

Perhaps can some explain how USCIS processes these? To my understanding USCIS tries to process them first come first serve. To my knowledge, and our lawyer's, there isn't anything about our case that's of concern.

Thank you guys!

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Criminal Records Centre Pretoria, South Africa
5:27 pm March 9, 2022


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My fiancee is trying to pick up her police clearance at the CRC, we have confirmation that the form is ready. But the agent we have been working with to expedite the process is telling us that the CRC is closed and has no update on when they will reopen. Her police clearance has been in ready status since March 3rd. This is the only thing that she needs to process her visa. Can anyone confirm if the centre is really closed?

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