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I-129F Arrange for Redelivery??
3:55 pm February 16, 2021


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I sent out my I-129F petition and documents last week. According to the tracking, it's been available for pickup in the Dallas PO Box since February 11th. I checked the tracking again today and now it is telling me I need to arrange for Redelivery by February 25th or they will return to sender on February 26th. So they're just not even going to pick it up?


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My Fiancee's Visa Was Approved!! :D
7:41 pm January 5, 2021



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Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a quick post and say that my fiancee's (now wife) K1 visa was approved in November 2020. We traveled from Zimbabwe to the US a couple weeks after. We're now working on her I-485. Thank you for all of the advice and guidance, both recent and long ago. This is a great community and I'm grateful for finding you guys.

I'll update my timeline when my wife and I apply for her adjustment of status since I don't remember the necessary dates by head. If anyone applying from Zimbabwe would like some help with a K1, send me a message.

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Delayed Luggage When Entering the US
12:08 am November 1, 2020



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My fiancee and I are preparing for her visa interview. I'm planning on flying to her country and be there while she has her interview, and then fly back together once she has her visa. We're looking at plane tickets now.

Our preferred airline and flight has a layover of just over an hour at the airport connecting to the US (at LAX). That's a pretty quick layover time and I'm worried about our bags getting delayed, and if that'll complicate/disrupt anything when passing through CBP or passport control.

Without the backstory, my question is: if our bags are delayed while passing through CBP, what could happen?

Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this. I didn't find any forum about entering the country.

Thanks! :D

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Approved I-129F Expiration Soon
3:18 am May 4, 2020



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My fiance from Zimbabwe got her NOA2 (approved I-129F) mid-January of this year. Her case was sent to the embassy there. Just for some additional context and info, she is required to have her medical exam / police clearance / etc before she schedules her interview. We hired an attorney to handle the case when we started.

Her approved I-129F expires mid-May, in less than two weeks. For the past two weeks, my attorney and I have emailed them several times to request an I-129F extension, but the embassy hasn't responded. We will try calling them in a couple days and possibly several times again, if they don't respond. Some valuable information: Zimbabwe has been on national lockdown since the end of March, which was recently extended until mid-May (after the I-129F expires).

Our attorney said that the embassy will work with us even if the I-129F expires, and that we shouldn't worry... but as you'd expect, we're still worried. So, for just some extra comfort... should we be worried? Will the embassy work with us if my fiance's I-129F expires (particularly with extending it)? What can we do in this situation?

Thank you for helping us!!

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n400 interview
4:28 pm October 1, 2019



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I had my citizenship interview about 3 weeks ago I passed all the test, was told that a decision cannot be made at this time, when my wife file in for me from my home country on a k1 visa she put I had 2 kids, when I file in for my citizenship I put 4 kids on the application, the immigration office asked me why did my wife put 2 kids and I put 4 kids, I told him due to financial reason. do you guys think this will be a problem? I'm very worry

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