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I-864 Household Size
6:01 am October 12, 2022


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I'm filling out my affidavit of support and I'm on page 4 where it wants me to calculate my household size.

It says:

- Enter the number of persons you are sponsoring (just sponsoring my wife, so that's 1)

- Yourself (that's 1)

- If you are married enter 1 for your spouse (that's 1)

Then it adds up to 3, but really it's only 2 people.

Which one do I leave empty, so I have the correct number of people?

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Visa Expiration Date
3:07 am July 22, 2022


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I believe I read that the visa is supposed to expire 6 months after the medical exam, but my fiancee just got her visa in hand and the expiration date is in December despite her medical exam being in February (so I thought it would've expired in August). Does she really have until December or should she be making plans to leave ASAP?

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Need to Change Pickup Location
2:02 pm July 18, 2022


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My fiancee's visa was just issued, but she no longer lives at the house where we set up home delivery. It doesn't seem like there's anyway to change the delivery address. What do we do?

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Transfer to a Different Embassy After Interview
7:48 pm June 23, 2022


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Is it possible to transfer the case to a different embassy even after the interview?

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Passport Stamps
3:45 pm June 1, 2022


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Hello all,

My fiancee is a Zimbabwe citizen, but had her interview in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was issued a 221g requesting police clearance and they kept her passport. She submitted her police clearance on April 5th, thinking it would take maybe 4-6 weeks or so. But as of June 1st we still have no updates other than "they received it and are reviewing it".

Her visitor passport stamps expire on June 20th. Should she try to get her passport back in order to renew the stamp again/go back to Zimbabwe and wait there, or should we just let it expire if it takes another 3+ weeks? I'm not sure if that will affect her ability to travel if she overstays the stamp, but I'm also worried if she asks for it back, we'll be in for another several months wait when she submits it again.

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