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US Immigration from Venezuela

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4:13 pm April 28, 2020



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I got my green card through marriage last November and i just got a job! Should I be filling out my W-4 as married filing jointly or separate? Also, am I getting a higher tax withhold because I am married? Help!

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Changing name after marriage
2:02 am April 27, 2020


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Just a little background info:

I'm the USC and my husband and I had a K-1 applicantion turned COVID elopement (he came for a visit right before the pandemic hit). We are wanting to get the AOS filed as soon as possible because he would like to start working again. I'm taking his last name, but I'm wondering if I should complete all of that before submitting the paperwork with my new name? Would it cause complications for us?

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Update on the K-1 Process after speaking to the NVC today
10:10 pm April 22, 2020


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So like a lot of you who are in a pre-interview mode, you are stuck right now with all the embassy's shut down, our interview will be in Bogota. We are supposed to have the interview by mid July and somehow I don't see that happening during this Covid-19 crisis. The NVC said they are holding all paperwork that they would normally be sending to the Embassy's for interviews. The nice thing is she did provide me with my Case # which they received from the USCIS on April 2nd. So she told me when we send your paperwork to the embassy you will get an e-mail notification. But my problem is with my paperwork being held the Bogota embassy doesn't know I exist.

So I asked how will the embassy know to extend my date for the interview when they don't have my paperwork? Is it automatic? and if it is, again how would I know the new date?. At the NVC website it only states "The I-129F petition is valid for four months from the date of approval by USCIS. A consular officer can extend the validity of the petition if it expires before visa processing is completed" So I assume its going to be up to me to contact the Embassy in Bogota at some point and ask for an extension.

Anyway if you have anything to add to this feel free or maybe you have already run into this before.

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ROC extension letter for State ID
3:12 am April 15, 2020



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I m currently needing to get a state ID. I don t have a driver s license (i don t drive), so I ve always used my Permanent resident card for ID purposes. My green card is about to expire, and due to the current situation with COVID19 i don t know if I will be able to get an appointment with the DMV before the expiration date. I do have the extension letter for my green card. I was wondering if the DMV will accept my expired green card along with the extension letter.

i would appreciate any info or experiences you can share with me. Thanks

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K-1 Visa Process and the CoVid-19
5:40 pm April 8, 2020


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I know everything will be backed up due to the Pandemic. But I am in a unique situation I think. I have already gotten my NOA2 notice and it has a date of mId August to finish the interview process for my K-1 Fiancee Visa. But she is here in the USA stuck right now and cannot fly back home on a valid B1/B2 Tourist Visa which is also good until Mid August. My concern is since Venezuela interviews are in Bogota now and she can't get to Venezuela (her home) or to Bogota (for interview), at what point do I start trying to get an extension on her B1/B2 Visa? and at what point do I get an extension of the K-1 date? Any advice appreciated.

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