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help guys
4:28 am June 15, 2016



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Hello guys ...I started job few weeks ago and three days ago I saw a text on my wife phone telling her friend of stopping the green card that she didn't want me to have it,to my surprised she went to us is local office that she want to withdraw affidavit of support...according to her text that I saw on her phone..they told her to write letter and they told her they will call us for interview to judge by themselves,,I received the biggest shocked of my life this night when I saw her Skype chatting with a guy from Egypt telling him she's about to stop the green card and she will be with him and bring him to USA..I couldn't believe she's planning to stop green card because of New bf online..I have the screenshot of the conversation and the text she sent to her friend too ...I just need you guys to give me a solid advise on what to do now...I think my right has been violated here

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Removing of Condition Evidence
9:29 pm May 17, 2016



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Hello Everyone,

The time is once more drawing closer to start another immigration headache. I have a quick question regarding my evidence to prove a real marriage. Below this is what I have so far. They are as follows:

a. Three years joint married tax return

b. a vehicle bought in both of names and the title bear our names

c. Four years joint bank account statements showing transaction prior to marriage and after marriage

d. Joint medical and dental insurance

e. joint car insurance with both names

f. Letter from the church we attend address to the both of us

g. joint cell phone bill prior to marriage and after marriage

h. Joint cable bill. I just got added to it recently because I didn't feel it was that important to get added on it early

I also have picture of vacation and plan ticket trips taken together.

The only mistake I did was not getting my name on the least because We have been thinking about moving so I consider it not important getting my name on the least. Will this hurt my case. I have abundance of mails to prove that we live at the same address. Please advise. Your help will be very appreciate. Thanks

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Pages: First 5 6 7   (Viewing page 7 of 7 ) - topics in the last 5 years

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