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  To I-485 or not?

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To I-485 or not?
7:43 pm September 24, 2019



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HI- My stepdaughter received her Notice of Action today (September 20). She is currently in the USA on an F-1 visa and is coming to Tanzania in May 2020 for summer break. We (her dad and I) currently live in her home country of Tanzania. What are the advantages for filing an I-485 adjustment of status to have her processed in the USA rather than having the process go through the NVC and flying her home for processing? Is there a significant cost or time difference. It seems the i-485 fees are $1,110.

Thanks in advance.

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Want to work but dont knw the process
8:53 pm July 16, 2019

Angel mlaki


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Arrived in Us with k1-visa since feb live in Arkansas , i got my security card already n applied for green card,

i want to start working but i dont knw the process, i have my diploma in clinical medicine ( health factor) but i dont knw to get a job in US am I supposed to send my transcript for evaluation to knw where I qualify here or what should i do any advise pls, thanx

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VAWA Approved
4:05 am January 21, 2019



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Hi, I was wondering if i have to file form i160 with my i485 AOS? I came to the US as a student and got married. F1 status expired when i was married already. Originally applied for AOS with my ex husband approximately 3-4 months after my F1 expired. Problems happened and we never went to the interview. SO now that my vawa was approved, should i file the i160?

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Request for evidence [merged threads]
5:08 am June 15, 2018


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I got a letter from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, saying the evidence I gave them that my marriage with the woman that brought me to USA was of good faith, they want Bank joint account and things similar to that. The woman was the problem she was seeing her long time boy friend sometimes she brought him into the house, so we separated and divorced with her a month ago for the fear of my life, I stayed out of their way because the boy friend was capable of doing bad thing to me. I don t knowhat to do, I am so confused. According to the letter, if I don t send more evidence they will deny my request to remove conditions. Any one who has been through a case like mine. I need advice.

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Who do I contact
8:43 pm March 12, 2018


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Greetings Ladies & Gentle Men,

My 2 years green card expired, and was given a year extension while went through my biometrics. Now the one year extension period is expiring tomorrow 3/13/2013 this means my drivers license is expiring the same date. I don t know who to contact. In the past years they sent them to my mailbox on time.

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