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US Immigration from Tanzania

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Expediting advance parole to travel home
4:59 am October 19, 2021



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My husband and I applied for the AOS while I was here in the US. My health has been deteriorating since a few months..especially because of my eyes. When we went to a eye doctor they said I had a rare disease and need treatment but it's very expensive here in the US. My husband don't have health insurance unfortunately. But I do have my health insurance back home. It is a huge problem for me right now as I can't see very well...and if not treated soon my eyesight will be permanently distorted.

So my question is can I ask for AP expedite on ask emma on the basis of urgent health care for myself with supporting documents ? I know they approve for humanitarian reasons but what about health..any one has experience on it?

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Can I travel to American Samoa/Hawaii/Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands before receiving my AP?
4:58 pm September 5, 2021



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Me and my husband got married last year but never had the chance to do a honeymoon. We applied for my AOS last month. We are aware if we travel out of US my application will be abandoned especially without an AP approved (I-131) or green card. While waiting for it could take months We were thinking to go to US territories like those mentioned in the title. I'm not sure if anyone has experience of going to these places and they had no issues. Which of these are OK to travel? Thank you.

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Can I (USC) sponsor my wife with i864EZ instead of i864 if I'm self employed?
3:45 am July 25, 2021



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Don't have any w2s

But have bank statements and just filed my tax returns, it will take a while.

But for the self employed is it OK to do the i864EZ as everything else matches out (except the w2 forms part) I'm doing entire green card process for my wife.

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I130 better to do online or by mail
12:11 am July 15, 2021



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What's your experience in terms of processing times, convenience?

Was uploading evidence online better than mailing it to them.

For i485, i131, etc do you have to wait for NOA from submitting i130 online before mailing?

Do you need to do i130 first (if doing online) before mailing the other necessary forms?


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? or ? for checking boxes?
5:03 am July 13, 2021



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Hi all,

Sorry if this is a repeated or a trivial question. This is for all the forms starting with i130.

Thank you in advance.

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