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Request for evidence [merged threads]
5:08 am June 15, 2018


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I got a letter from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, saying the evidence I gave them that my marriage with the woman that brought me to USA was of good faith, they want Bank joint account and things similar to that. The woman was the problem she was seeing her long time boy friend sometimes she brought him into the house, so we separated and divorced with her a month ago for the fear of my life, I stayed out of their way because the boy friend was capable of doing bad thing to me. I don t knowhat to do, I am so confused. According to the letter, if I don t send more evidence they will deny my request to remove conditions. Any one who has been through a case like mine. I need advice.

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Who do I contact
8:43 pm March 12, 2018


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Greetings Ladies & Gentle Men,

My 2 years green card expired, and was given a year extension while went through my biometrics. Now the one year extension period is expiring tomorrow 3/13/2013 this means my drivers license is expiring the same date. I don t know who to contact. In the past years they sent them to my mailbox on time.

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Unpaid traffic fines and pending biometric appointment
1:01 pm January 24, 2018


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Hello good people,

So I have biometric appointment coming up in a matter of days however I just found out (15 hours ago) that I have unpaid traffic fine from 11 years ago and there s a bench warrant for my arrest. This discovery has me freaking out to high heavens.

I made what was supposed to be a quick, simple call to the county magistrate court to make sure everything was in good standing and to see if I could get more certified copies of court dispositions and or proof that I paid all my fines. Long story short we found out that I never paid my fine and therefore there s a warrant for my arrest, I asked her if I could pay the fine over the phone she said no I have to send a money order with citation number on the money order and they will withdraw the warrant once the payment is received. Once she gave me the citation number I went to the court website and looked it up hoping to be able to pay it online, it gets tricky I found the case and it say it s open and the fine is $200 however the clerk told me I owe $450 so called back the clerk and told her I don t have $450 at the moment and it will be a week or two, I can only come up with $200 and some change and I was willing to pay it right now and finish the rest on the coming weeks she refused and told me to send in a full amount or go in person unfortunately, I don t live anywhere near that county/state anymore.

Now I don t know whether to reschedule the biometric appointment till I take care of this issue or print out the invoice from the court house and send the $200 money order and carry the copy with me to the biometric appointment. What really surprised me is that weeks after the missed due date I went to the same court to pay another traffic fine and nothing was mentioned or brought up and ever since I ve been stopped twice by state patrol admittedly in a different state and though I was never cited they still ran my license and last trooper told me he wasn t going to give me a ticket because my record was clean and he didn t want to sully it.

Any suggestions, advice are welcome.

thank you all and good luck

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After Biometrics
3:37 am January 11, 2018


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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I am curious to know what s next after a biometrics appointment, I heard that the next thing is the interview. I wish to know what should I expect at the interview and how long does it take to be called in for the interview, does it take the whole year? Because I went there in April last year and haven t heard anything from them eversince.

Please help a layman in curiosity

Humble regards.

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1:35 pm January 10, 2018


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Hey guys, need your help. .. I and my fianc e will be applying our K1 visa soon. I am the beneficiary, We have assembled all our paper work but there is a small problem, iv been living in Australia for the past four years but I haven t yet got my Australian citizenship or permanent residemcy, I am still a Tanzanian but I intend to put my K1 visa application in Tanzania and not Australia however my current address and mailing address is Australian, what do you guys suggest, should I put the Tanzanian mailing address or the Australian one even if I ll be in Australia for a few months still, Will that slow up the process aswell? Thx1E63C2C0-5740-4870-B163-D5E7D0ED6CFC.thumb.jpeg.f8923e878069ade66b712fa5fc91808d.jpeg


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