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  1. After the interview the co tells you when to pick the passport or when it will be delivered to you...my status showed issued after I was done with my interview( last Thursday) and was told to pick my passport today I picked it today and will be traveling on Saturday. wish you all the best for the rest of your journey
  2. I had my interview on 16th May...they didn’t ask for any copies of my originals they told me they had everything on the system just checked the originals and returned them...kept my passport and the medical and today I went to pick my visa..since they didn’t ask for any other document from her side just be patient until the day she goes to collect the passport if they want anything from your side I think they will contact you...good luck
  3. I had my interview today...and they didn’t ask for any financial document just looked at the photo album But you never know just take anything to support your case to avoid delays
  4. Hello guys...am so happy today we got approved am picking my passport on Wednesday. Was asked so many questions the interview took about 15-20 mins at the end Co wanted to only look at our photo album didn’t ask for any transcript or affidavit of support... am wishing you all the best for those who are still waiting for the interview dates and for those who are having your interview soon being confident is the key May God be with you all
  5. Congrats bse you just one step to your final journey and don’t be disappointed trust me days will go by very fast when I received my interview date on April 12 for the May 16 interview was feeling the same bse I hoped for my interview to be earlier than that but now I just have only 5 days to my interview...use this time to arrange your documents and complete your medical and Pray....all the best on your preparations congrats to all who got their interview dates and for those who are waiting...no worries coming next week we’ll see lots of interview dates here
  6. Wow congrats am soo happy for you mine is coming next week your post makes me excited
  7. Me too only sent our passport photos and marriage certificate with the petition and was approved and now waiting for my interview on 16th this month
  8. Didn’t call for the interview date...After the nvc sent me the email that our case was documentarily qualified ( on 14th March) we waited for sometime and on 12th April they sent me an interview date with instructions and the same day our case was already at the embassy i dont know the waiting time at your embassy but it depends with the embassy some have to wait from three months or longer to get the IL..Good luck
  9. Oh wow am excited so happy for you congrats and best luck for the rest of the journey
  10. Congrats and thx for sharing your experience this gives me so much hope that mine will go we too
  11. Am happy for you my interview is on 16th May at 7.30 my embassy is Tanzania i think i will be the first one to get the interview at that day am super nervous and excited☺ Good luck to everyone who are having their interviews tomorrow
  12. Am so happy for you congrats and all the best with the rest of your journey
  13. Mine took 8 days for cc and 30 days to get the interview date
  14. Iam glad to get and answer about this bse i was also thinking how difficult it will be to change my name iam also muslim married to Usc and my husband was suggesting of changing my last name but we filed our petition without changing anything so am still using my name and now we are waiting for my interview..My country is Tanzania
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