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  1. My kids are now 11 and 8. - Along with the form what documents do I need? I have an orignal birth certificate. - do I need to register their birth? In Tanzania ? Or in the USA? - I can mail these forms in can I? - how long wud the visa take to process?
  2. Sorry I must have caused a confusion. I was born in Minnesota. My kids were born in the middle East. I reside in Tanzania now and want to relocate with them. Do I need to register their birth first? At the American embassy in Tanzania? What form do I need to fill and sumbit for them with which documents? I haven't lived in the USA. So I need to use the immigrant visa way. And where do I lodge from? Will I lodge from the USA or from my residence embassy?
  3. I'm a mother of two children born in the USA. My kids were born in the middle East. I now want to move with them to the states from Africa which is where we live. Need guidance on where to start n which form to be filled. Plz advise